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[ecrea] Call for papers: Studies in horror and the Gothic

Thu Feb 18 13:28:56 GMT 2016

*Studies in Horror and the Gothic Research Article Collection*

*Guest Editor: Dr John Edgar Browning (Georgia Institute of Technology,

Palgrave Communications is inviting submissions for a thematic
collection on 'Studies in Horror and the Gothic'.

This broad and all-encapsulating thematic collection will engage the
study of horror and the Gothic through literature, film, television, new
media, and electronic gaming. We are interested in the dark, the
forbidden, the secret. But fundamentally contributions to this
collection should ask, what is 'horror' and what is the 'Gothic',
employing in the process individual or multiple methods of theoretical
inquiry and myriad disciplinary or interdisciplinary approaches from
across the humanities, social sciences, and beyond.

*Collection Advisory Panel*

Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock (Central Michigan University, USA)

Carol Margaret Davison (University of Windsor, Canada)

Harry M Benshoff (University of North Texas, USA)

Dylan Trigg (University of Memphis, USA and University College Dublin,

Maisha L Wester (Indiana University, USA)

Jesse Stommel (University of Mary Washington, USA)

Authors who are interested in submitting a manuscript should, in the
first instance, send a short abstract-length proposal to the Managing
Editor ((Palcomms /at/ outlining the scope of their paper. Any
general enquiries relating to the collection should be directed to this

More info:

Best wishes,

Angelina Wangsha

Palgrave Communications

Angelina Wangsha

*Open Research Marketing Executive*

*Nature Publishing Group / Palgrave Macmillan*

The Macmillan Campus | Crinan Street | London | N1 9XW
*T*: +44 (0) 20 7014 6103
*E: *_angelina.wangsha@nature.com_

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