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[ecrea] Political Marketing Forum 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia, 20–23 July 2016

Sat Feb 06 07:31:16 GMT 2016

Political Marketing Forum 2016 – PMF 16
Political Marketing in a Changing World: Global, Regional and National
St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg, Russia
20–23 July 2016

Call For Papers
The political and image-making instruments, namely political marketing,
strategic communication, propaganda, digital diplomacy, and public
diplomacy have become both national security and cultural imperatives in
different countries, which is driven by long-term structural changes in
the international environment. All of the leading actors in the system
of world politics exploit these instruments in order to reach target
audiences during local electoral campaigns or to conduct political
advocacy in foreign countries. The efficiency and soft nature of these
instruments make them be popular among others. In addition, the
scholarship in the fields of political marketing and public diplomacy
has significantly developed these applicable political instruments of
The conference aims at expanding our knowledge on the interrelated and
sometime overlapping nature of political marketing, strategic
communication, propaganda, digital diplomacy, and public diplomacy used
by various governmental and nongovernmental actors in the fields of
politics, foreign policy, and diplomacy.
After focusing on Russian, East-European and Eurasian topics in the
first two editions (University of Illinois, United States, 2012;
Budapest, Hungary, 2013), political marketing theory and practice in the
third (Bucharest, Romania, 2014) and exploring a wider spectrum of
different political times and spaces of traditions and innovations
within the Political Marketing discipline in the forth edition (Uppsala
University, Uppsala, Sweden, 2015), the 2016 Forum will discuss Global,
National and Regional Dimensions of Political Marketing in a Changing
World. During the Political Marketing Forum 2016 – PMF 16 in St.
Petersburg (well known as the cultural capital of Russia) there will be
the best opportunity to discuss new trends in the different fields
relative to political marketing, strategic communication, propaganda,
digital diplomacy, and public diplomacy.
The main focus of the conference will be on Gender Aspects of Political
Marketing, Theoretical Assessments of Political Marketing: Image ––
Reputation Nexus', Media Relations and Informational Tools in Political
Marketing, and Public Diplomacy.
The 2016 Political Marketing Forum is greatly honored to once more host
Professor Bruce Newman, renown academic, practitioner and author, and
the founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Political Marketing, as
the keynote speaker at this event.

Scheduled Panels for PMF 16

1. Gender Aspects of Political Marketing.
2. Strategic Communication, Information Security, and Public Diplomacy:
Implications for Political Marketing
3. Theoretical Assessments of Political Marketing: Image - Reputation
4. Media Relations and Informational Tools in Political Marketing.

The topics of the Forum are also open to:
- Modern techniques of
reaching political audiences.
- Emerging political market research and
intelligence tools.
- The impact of political organizations changing
nature and paradigm on campaigning and elections.
- Identifying disconnects between political marketing theory and practice.
- Managing political relationships across borders.
- Protest, conflict
and discontent vs. political campaigning.
- Voting behaviour,
campaigning and trends in elections.
- Political challenges in the USA,
preparing for post-Obama years.
- Power politics in post-soviet
- Leadership, charisma and political trust.
- International
political propaganda in 21st century.
- National identities, global
citizens and welfare dependent individuals.
- The role of political
marketing professionals – past, present and future.
- Study cases on
electoral strategies around the globe.
- The future of political marketing in academia and politics.
- Foreign involvement in domestic politics.
- Political marketing’s ‘colonisation’ of new political environments.
-Public Diplomacy, Strategic Communication and Propaganda.

Selected papers will be peer-reviewed and published in a special double
issue of the Journal of Political Marketing.

Deadline: Please submit your abstract by March 31, 2016
Location: St Petersburg, Russia.

St Petersburg State University
Smolny str., 1/3, gate 8

Professor Svetlana Vinogradova - (vinogradovasm /at/
Associate Professor Dmitry Ruschin - (ruschin /at/
Associate Professor Natalia Tsvetkova – (n.tsvetkova /at/

Event Web-page:

Previous Events
June 13-15, 2012 – “Political Spaces in Eurasia: Global Contexts, Local
Outcomes”, University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana.

July 25, 2013 – “Political Spaces in Eurasia: Global Contexts, Local
Outcomes,” Budapest Political Communication Forum – Budapest College of
Communication and Business.

July 24-25, 2014 - “Exchanging Political Value: Theory, Practice and
Reporting of Political Marketing,” The Romanian Political Marketing
Association, Bucharest

August 13-14, 2015 - "Old and New: Tradition and Innovation Within the
Political Marketing Discipline," Uppsala University, Uppsala.

Visa Assistance
Please note that foreign citizens travelling to Russia are require to
get a visa. To attend the Forum, you need to apply for business visa or
cultural exchange visa at Russian Embassy or Russian Consulate located
in your country.

ATTENTION: The tourist visa is not valid to participate in the Forum.
We will send you with a letter of invitation to get the visa. Please
provide us with the following information before March 31, 2016.

Please fill table and return before the deadlines to:

Sergey Chechenev: (checheneff /at/; (s.chechenev /at/

Information to get a letter of invitation for visa

Deadline is March 31, 2016

Send it to: Sergey Chechenev: (checheneff /at/; (s.chechenev /at/

Family name, first name

Date of birth


Place and country of birth

Passport number

Expiration Date of the Passport

Place of permanent residence (country, city)

Current occupation

Employer and employer’s address

Intended dates of arrival

Contact, email

Place of visa issue

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry A. Ruschin, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
St.Petersburg, Russia.
E-Mail: (ruschin /at/

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