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[ecrea] International Symposium on Partitions/Violence/Migration

Sun Feb 01 13:38:43 GMT 2015

*An International symposium as part of the AHRC Research Network Partitions: What Are They Good For?*
*Organised by*
*School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University*
*School of English, University of St Andrews*
*4-5 June 2015, Cardiff University*

We are delighted to announce the third and final symposium of the AHRC Research Network Partitions: What Are They Good For? This will be themed around Partition/Violence/Migration and will try to address the following questions:

In what ways is partition violence a form of transitional justice? What is violence’s relationship to democracy and citizenship in partitioned nation-states? In what ways is the violence of the social body a form of political language? How does partition violence reshape gender and sexuality in a new nation? What nuances can the intersection of the frameworks of trauma and partition bring to the study of violence? How can population transfers in partition be theorized? How do notions of migration interact with those of community? What is the relationship between pluralism and migration? How have partition migrations left ongoing transformative imprints at both regional and national levels? Examine partition violence/migration and economics.

Papers on any aspects related to the main topic are welcome. Please send a 250 word abstract to (partitions /at/ and a brief biographical statement by February the 7th, 2015.

We have enjoyed your contributions to the network in the past and look forward to seeing you again. Please circulate to all interested parties.
Best wishes,
Radhika Mohanram and Anindya Raychaudhuri
((mohanramr1 /at/ and (ar220 /at/

The Convenors
Partitions - What are they good for?
An AHRC Research network on Comparative Partitions <>
Twitter: @Partitions_Net

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