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[ecrea] Call for book chapter. Lobbying and gouvernance in Europe and India

Wed Jul 29 10:33:32 GMT 2015

*Call for Book chapter proposals – second version*


*Influencing & Lobbying Practices for Social Change *

*in European and Indian Societies*


*Two books to be publish in Europe and in India, in French and in English.*

Actual governance is connected with digital networks, with influence,
lobbying, and efficiency.

Influence and lobbying are practices issued from global stakes and
social networks. Influence refers to communication devoted to spread
ideas. Lobbying refers to the legal aspects when devoted to changing a
law according to a group’s interests, at least in European institutions.
In that project, we consider the existing lobbying regulation, rules and
procedures in Brussels as a model.Efficiency refers to the quality of
actors to be organized and strategic while campaigning.

On social change, research on NGOs dealing with social stakes,
underlines their lack of efficient strategies able to reach and impact
the policy makers. A reason is, when devoted to social change on local
or global topics, many NGO’s are reluctant to use the same tools,
strategy and methods than corporations, business bodies and even States, do.

*A European approach based on Brussels approach of lobbying*

The main topic of this project is to contribute to define and evaluate
the efficiency procedures developed by citizen driven organizations
doing influence and lobbying in European and Indian societies.
Practically speaking, NGO have better results by using competitive
intelligence approach, providing facts checked reports and delivering
coherent messages through social networks. Proposals could explore such
ways and many more.

*A comparative approach with India*

The project studies the lobbying principles and approaches in India
examining strategies trough case studies. It examines how NGO based in
India work and develop their relations with policy makers as well as
people at large. It would work on methods and actions by comparing them
to European ones.

In India, Transparency International analyzed that in Indian situations,
lobbying is deeply associated with money laundering. Moreover, the
academic and professional studies of lobbying and lobbying processes in
India have not yet been apparently in a serious and structured manner.

All proposals will be peer reviewed.

Two publishers will publish the selected papers in France and in India
in 2016.

Authors will be informed by end November 2015. Traduction will be provided.

Prof. Olivier Arifon, Research fellow at Université libre de Bruxelles,
on lobbying for social change. Consultant on communication, Influence
and lobbying.

From January to June 2015, visiting professor at Jawaharlal Nehru
university, Delhi.

Dr. Sushant Kumar Mishra, associate professor, Centre for French and
Francophone studies, JNU, Delhi, has taught at the linguistics
department in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and Translation
Studies in English and Foreign Languages University (Lucknow), has been
associated as Faculty with National Translation Mission, Central
Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.

*Dates and format for the call for BOOK Chapter*


1.You are requested to send the *250 words* abstract of your paper by
*1^st October 2015* and kindly submit it again with the Title, details
of your address, mailing address and institutional affiliation to
(olivier.arifon /at/ under "your_name-Book_chapter.doc"

2.The article has to be minimum 5000 words and maximum 9000 words.


Bien cordialement
Prof. Olivier Arifon, Master trainer & Consultant on Influence, lobbying and communication, Point of View asbl,
Research fellow, Université libre de Bruxelles,
Senior associate, European institute for Asian studies, Brussels.

Tel 0032470624146
Skype : oarifon

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