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[ecrea] Call for book essays, Making and Being Made: Visual Representations and/of Citizenship

Tue Jul 14 19:12:57 GMT 2015

Call for papers for Book Essays in edited collection

Co-editors: Corey Dzenko, Ph.D., Monmouth University, (cjdzenko /at/
<mailto:(cjdzenko /at/>; Theresa Avila, Ph.D., Arizona State
University, (sahibah /at/ <mailto:(sahibah /at/>

Traditionally defined by an individual’s membership and level of
participation within a community, scholars such as Eric Hobsbawm
describe how “citizenship” results in access to benefits or rights. Yet
citizenship moves beyond political framings. According to Aiwha Ong,
cultural citizenship is a “dual process of self-making and being-made”
but done so “within webs of power linked to the nation-state and civil
society.” Taking citizenship as a political position, cultural process,
and intertwining of both, this book seeks essays that examine the role
of art and visual culture in the Modern and Contemporary eras.

We seek proposals that engage with the questions: How does citizenship
inform artistic and visual practices? And how do images inform
citizenship? How do images and the built environment reflect, confirm,
or challenge ideals of citizenship across visual media and geographical
boundaries? Topics addressed may include, but are not limited to: nation
building, civic practices, transnationalism, civil rights, politics of
identity, labor, border zones, affects of belonging, and activism as
well as resistance to citizenship. Queries are also welcome concerning
submission topics.

Essay abstracts (approximately 500 words in length) and a CV should be
sent to Dr.Theresa Avila at (sahibah /at/
<mailto:(sahibah /at/> and Dr. Corey Dzenko at (cjdzenko /at/
<mailto:(cjdzenko /at/> by October 1, 2015. Drafts or longer
outlines are also welcome at this time.

Selected authors will be notified by November 1, 2015.
Full first drafts of essays will be due by December 15, 2015, at the latest.

For those invited to contribute to the book project, essays should be
6,000-8,000 words (author-date system in Chicago style with a list of
references, and minimal endnotes, please).

For images, due to space limitations, we ask that only the most relevant
images be included.  Image copyright is the responsibility of the author
and should be established prior to submitting the final version of the
essay. When submitting final essays, proof of copyright permission will
need to be made available.

Corey Dzenko, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art History
Department of Art and Design
Monmouth University
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
(cjdzenko /at/ <mailto:(cjdzenko /at/> / (cdzenko /at/
<mailto:(cdzenko /at/>

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