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[ecrea] New Book: Feminist Surveillance Studies

Wed Jul 01 22:01:36 GMT 2015

We are happy to announce the publication of the edited collection
/Feminist Surveillance Studies /(Duke University Press). /Feminist
Surveillance Studies /(edited by Rachel E. Dubrofsky and Shoshana A.
Magnet) insists on the urgency of developing a critical feminist
scholarship and praxis on surveillance, placing gender, race, class, and
sexuality at the center of surveillance studies. Concerned with exposing
the ways in which surveillance is tied to discrimination, it
investigates what constitutes surveillance, who is scrutinized, why, and
at what cost.

“/Feminist Surveillance Studies /provides a much-needed set of feminist
interventions into the study of surveillance. The essays offer
critically important insights into the gendered dimensions of state
surveillance, vividly outline the structural inequalities designed into
surveillance regimes, and provide a wealth of avenues for future
research.”—Kelly A. Gates, author of /Our Biometric Future: Facial
Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance/

For more information please visit

To save 30% on the paperback edition of the book /Feminist Surveillance
Studies/, call Duke University Press at 888-651-0122 and give them the
coupon code E15FSURV.

The book is also available on Amazon

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