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[ecrea] Sixth Conference on the New Materialisms

Wed Jul 01 20:51:35 GMT 2015

Sister-Sixth Conference on the New Materialisms Organized by the IS1307 COST Action New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on “ H o w M a t t e r C o m e s t o M a t t e r ” Hosted by the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor, Slovenia

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The conference addresses as an area of debate the nexus of: ? Politics and activism ? ? The economy and law ? ? Philosophy and the power of knowledge ? ? Genealogy and information ? ? The role of creativity in political economies through public engagement and pedagogy ? What is the new materialist impetus to make situated analyses of the im/material processes in these areas?

Keynote speakers:
Dr Vera Bühlmann
Prof Diana Coole
Dr Anna Hickey-Moody
Prof Katerina Kolozova

Selection of panels:
A Philosophy of the Materialist Sciences
Art in a New Materialist Key
Ecologies that Matter
Information and Political Agency
Information Coming to Matter
New Materialist Pedagogies
New Materialist Subjectivities and Spatiotemporalities
New Media, New Activism
Political Intervention, Writing Materiality, and Creativity
Toward a New Materialist Theory of Socioeconomic Justice
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