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[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Coffee Activism and the Politics of Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption in the Global North

Thu Nov 07 13:35:46 GMT 2013

It is my pleasure to inform you about the launch of my recently published and long-titled book /Coffee Activism and the Politics of Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption in the Global North: Political Consumerism and Cultural Citizenship/ (

The book tackles with the politics of consumption through the case of ethical coffee. In a politically uncertain and distrusted world, citizens appear to be seeking political expression in their everyday lives and quite prominently in their consumption practices. In advanced consumer societies across the global North, the politics of consumption have come to the centre stage. This work elaborates on the grounded perceptions, practices and problematizations of the equation of political action and market action. It presents the opportunities and hindrances of alternative forms of partaking in civic life by exploring how coffee activism presents a fruitful opportunity for citizens to participate in political life, how cultural citizenship can offer insights into the operation of everyday politics and how neoliberal narratives are framing discourses of coffee activism. The politics behind products can illuminate global tensions and engage citizens in social justice, but at the same time can confine civic action in the marketplace and anesthetise political action.

Eleftheria J. Lekakis
Lecturer in Global Communications
School of Media, Film and Music
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton
United Kingdom

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