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[ecrea] CfP: Annual conference of the Italian Society of Political Science (SISP)

Wed Apr 24 18:52:38 GMT 2013

Annual conference of the Italian Society of Political Science (SISP)
Call for papers

Gender and media: political communication in transition

Convenor: Claudia Padovani - University of Padova
(in cooperation with: Franca Roncarolo e Marinella Belluati, University of Torino)

The Political Communication Section of the SISP has opened a space to debate the political implications of the nexus between gender and media on the occasion of the international round table Perspectives on gender, politics and media: An international and interdisciplinary conversation, held in Rome, in September 2012. We aim at consolidating this effort and invite scholars to present papers to the 2013 SISP Congress (Florence, 8-11 September).
Interdisciplinary reflections and comparative contributions will address:

+ The gender dimension of international communication processes: how the transformations brought about by the digital media in the inter- and trans-national ecosystem are affecting political communication, diplomacy, journalism, and NGOs operations? The panel also welcomes reflections on the renewed focus on gender and media in supra-national policy discourses, in relation to challenges deriving from gender divides, media imbalances and insecurities, particularly in view of the celebrations of the Beijing+20 Conference on women, and WSIS+10 in 2015;
+ The gender dimension of political communication and its mediating structures, from electoral campaigns to processes of public opinion formation in the context of permanent campaigns. We welcome gender-based readings of the ways in which the media – traditional and digital, mainstream and alternative – have structured the story telling and languages of political communication in recent electoral campaign. Also of interest, is the broader context of women’s access to roles of decision-making, with a focus on opportunities to access and participation, as well as on influence, style and communicative competence of women and men holding managerial roles, both in the political and media system;
+ Persisting problems related women in the media include the imbalanced and non-dignifying representation of subjects, with stereotypes characterizing the media discourse; at the same time new media forms and tools allow alternative styles and languages to denounce, challenge and overcome those stereotypes. The panel invites reflections on the production, reproduction and contestation of gender stereotypes in the time of convergence between traditional and digital media.

Abstracts, in Italian, French or English, should be max 500 words long, including proponent’s name and affiliation; and should clearly express the topic and focus, the objective(s), and the methodology in the case of empirical studies. Paper proposals can be sent to:
(Claudia.padovani /at/

The deadline for abstract submission is: May 15, 2013
Notification will be sent by: June 10, 2013
For further information about the 2013 Congress see:

Claudia Padovani
c/o DSPGI - University of Padova
via del Santo 28, 35123 Padova, ITALY
tel. +39.049.8274280
fax + 39.049.8274029
(claudia.padovani /at/

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