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[ecrea] Commissioning Creativity. A symposium on commissioners and commissioning processes in the creative media industries

Wed Feb 27 09:12:42 GMT 2013

Commissioning Creativity

A symposium and workshop on commissioners and commissioning processes in the creative media industries

Copenhagen University, Southern Campus, room 27.1.49

16th April 2013 13:00-16:00

Film and media production is marked by a high degree of creative and economic uncertainty. Often, new works are commissioned based on tentative ideas of what may become an interesting new contribution. Screenplays, synopses and proposals are central in this process, but so are the track records of the people behind them and different conceptions of talent or ’the good idea’. Commissioners can be regarded as gatekeepers when assessing the potential of proposed projects, deciding what to fund or not, but they can also act as cultural intermediaries and creative facilitators during the development of new ideas. This workshop explores the process of commissioning and the role of commissioners.

The program consists of academic case studies of the roles of commissioners and the commissioning processes in Denmark and the UK by Inge Ejbye Sørensen and Sara Malou Strandvad, as well as a presentation by New Danish Screen’s artistic director Jakob Høgel and project editor Marie Schmidt Olesen on their professional roles and the nature of their work. These presentations are followed by an open forum session intended as a constructive dialogue between researchers, industry professionals and students to explore possible collaborations and further future research on creative processes and work in the creative media industries.

The workshop is organised by Inge Ejbye Sørensen and Eva Novrup Redvall as part of the research priority area Creative Media Industries, University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with New Danish Screen, The Danish Film Institute.


13:00-13:10     Welcome (Eva Novrup Redvall/Inge Ejbye Sørensen)

13:10-13:45 'TV channels as content curators - multiplatform developments in UK broadcasting' (Inge Ejbye Sørensen) & discussion.

13:45- 14:20 ‘New Danish Screen - an organizational facilitation of creative initiatives: gatekeeping and beyond' (Sara Malou Strandvad) & discussion.

14:20-14:35     Coffee

14:35-15:00 New Danish Screen's role and priorities (Jakob Høgel & Marie Schmidt Olesen)

15:00-15:45     Workshop: Possible collaborations and research projects.

15:45-16:00     Coffee

This symposium is free and all are welcome. However, participants who are not part of the priority area Creative Media Industries at Copenhagen University, should register before the 10th of April 2013 by emailing (inges /at/

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