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[ecrea] Media, Gender & Culture Mumbai Summer School

Tue Feb 26 11:32:19 GMT 2013

King's College London Mumbai Summer School 2013

'Media, Gender & Culture'

15th - 22nd April, Mumbai

Course leader: Rachel O'Neill

How does gender organise social and cultural life? What role does media play in sustaining gender inequality? Can media be used as a resource for cultural politics and activism? By who, and in what ways? How can we approach critical issues of power and agency in the analysis of contemporary gender relations?

Running parallel to the London programme, the King's Mumbai Summer School programme will explore these and other questions, offering students the opportunity to study media, gender and culture in transnational perspective. As well as examining some of the central theoretical approaches to the study of gender, the course will offer an in-depth look at current debates over issues such as 'masculinity in crisis' and the 'sexualisation of culture'. We will explore the gendered dimensions of contemporary media and cultural trends, considering issues of gender and social change; power and representation; culture and agency; social critique and cultural politics. In dedicated workshops students will learn how to apply theory in the analysis of media texts, including screen and print media, as well as digital and online media. We will also take a number of case studies - such as the SlutWalk protest movement and the Blank Noise project - to examine the social and cultural context of gender inequality, and think through some of the ways social media might be used as a tool of social change. At all points the course will promote intersectional thinking, as we consider how gender intersects with other axes of power, such as sexuality, race and class. Students on this course will develop the knowledge and critical skills necessary to analyse gender, media and culture in global arena.

Registration for the King's Mumbai Summer School is now open.

For more information please visit:

Administrative contact: (mumbai-summer /at/

Academic contact: rachel.r.o'(neill /at/

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