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[ecrea] Call for proposals XRAM Working Group 62 – Imagetic narratives, digital media and agency in youth contexts

Thu Feb 21 12:42:52 GMT 2013

X REUNION DE ANTROPOLOGÍA DE MERCOSUR, Córdoba (Argentina), 10 - 13 july, 2013.
Last Call for proposals (deadline 25 de feverero)
 Working Group 62 – Imagetic narratives, digital media and agency in youth contexts
The social sciences have been addressing the urban youth cultures as strongly creative social agents. In contemporary urban contexts, youth cultures seem to appropriate several everyday life materials and symbolic resources as crucial elements for aesthetic and identitary group distinction. In this scenario, visuality has been pointed out by several youth researchers as a vital ingredient of this cultural dynamic. For an increasing number of young people, to produce and share images is a key feature for communication, identity building and social representation.
 With the growing relevance that the digital media and technologies have acquired in the last decades, we need to rethink this problematic. Contemporary image has become the physical and symbolic extension through which the everyday life of young people in the metropolis is staged and shared, recurring to a wide variety of digital platforms. In this context new communicative codes and circuits emerge, forcing us to re-evaluate the connection between this domain and the traditional resources used by young people to construct meaning (body, style, consumption, etc.). The technological visual apparatus thus seems to have broaden the field of amateur cultural production and agency for young people.
 In this panel we intend to provoke a debate around the issue of youth aesthetical production, representation and consumption that occurs through the appropriation of the digital media and their languages (photography, video, film, weblogs, social networks, etc.). We believe that this discussion will approach a diversity of theoretical and methodological perspectives, ranging from youth anthropology, art and visual anthropology, communication, etc.
Yara Schreiber Dines (LISA/Universidade de São Paulo)
Ricardo Campos (Cemri/Universidade Aberta, Lisboa)
 Andreas Valentin (Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro)
Mediation: Andrea Marques Barbosa (Unifesp/São Paulo)
 Send proposals to:
 (yara_schreiber /at/
(rmocampos /at/
(andreas /at/
Congress website:

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