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[ecrea] Revista contracampo (UFF-RJ/Brazil)

Thu Feb 21 12:12:24 GMT 2013

The academic journal Contracampo is a quaterly publication of the Graduate Program in Communication (PPGCOM) of the University Federal Fluminense (UFF), which aims at contributing to the critical reflection in the field of Media Studies, acting as a space of circulation for research and academic thinking. In this sense, it is open to the participation of researchers from anywhere in the world linked to the area of communications and related subjects, through the publication of yet unpublished articles, essays, book reviews and interviews.

The themes to be addressed in the journal are connected with debates developed within the academic field in general, with an emphasis on the research axes of our Graduate Program, covering, among others, matters relating to information technologies, sound and image, and mediation.

Contracampo Journal is open to Professors and researchers in Communication and related fields.

Authors must hold an advanced degree (masters or higher) in order to submit their work for evaluation. All contributions must be submitted through the digital system of this site.

For more information, contact us by e-mail: (contracampo.uff /at/ <mailto:(contracampo.uff /at/>

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