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[ecrea] ON CINEMA | 2013 - Call for Papers

Fri Feb 15 23:30:17 GMT 2013

The Arnaldo Araújo Research Centre (CEAA) in collaboration with the Department of Theatre and Film and the Film and Audiovisual Degree of Oporto Artistic School (ESAP) organizes an international conference dedicated to the cinema and audiovisual linked with the 10th International Exhibition of Film Schools (MIFEC).

This conference will seek to explore the effects of rapidly changing technologies and platforms on the study of different issues in film and television. How postgraduate researchers in a context of change face the relationship between cinema and narrative. How new technologies do affects the way that film schools develop new pedagogies and methods in teaching film and audiovisual. And how do changes in the present affect relationship between film and other arts.

In this context we invite the national and international scientific community to gather around three main themes:

1. Film and Narrative: Morphology, taxonomy, analytical, pragmatic, poetic, and narrative models on film and audiovisual.

2. The Cinema in dialogue with the arts: relationships between cinema and visual arts, theater, literature, photography, design and architecture.

*3. Film in the schools: Film and pedagogy, theory and history of cinema, new methodologies in teaching, film schools and technology challenges, film production in the university context.

* *

* *

*Proposals for papers should consider the following elements:*

   * Title of the proposal
   * Applicant’s identification (name, institution, country, position
     and email)
   * Abstracts (should not exceed 300 words).

· Short curriculum vitae (should not exceed 300 words)

All proposals must present original research, and must not have been previously published. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes and the official language of the conference is UK English.

Proposals must be sent in word (.doc format) by email to:

(oncinema.ceaa /at/ <mailto:(oncinema.ceaa /at/>

Complete information available in:


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