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[ecrea] CfA: On the Eve of War - Journal of Communication and Culture 16

Thu Feb 14 11:42:37 GMT 2013


Theme: On the Eve of War

Coordination: Ana Paula Rias

Edition: 16

*Deadline for Submissions: April 30 2013*

The 16th edition of the Journal of Communication & Culture, "On the Eve of War", aims to examine periods that anticipate wars and conflicts from various perspectives. Before the current world crisis, which threatens a future of peace; at the dawn of the new millennium, born in the shadow of a new type of war, the war on terror; and keeping in mind the proximity of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, it is urgent to investigate (i) if there are any anticipated or predicted wars; (ii) how they are emplotted; and (iii) (re)configured.

Regardless of the historical context, it is possible to identify common denominators in pre-war periods: a retreat into political extremes, violence, hatred, ethnic and religious conflicts, suspicion, insecurity, distrust, the emergence of leaders that stimulate bigotry, among others. In short, the period that precedes war comprises a whole edifice of narratives about impending dangers to the values that shape western civilization.

The Journal of Communication & Culture invites researchers from the Humanities and Social Sciences to reflect upon the aesthetic, ethical, social, political, economic and ideological aspects that constitute the conceptual framework of the war phenomenon and their discursive impact on the cultural fabric, the production of subjectivity and the public sphere.

The Journal is accepting original articles across various fields of knowledge on the following and related topics:

- Nationalism, colonialism, racism
- Discursive/ethical practices and conflict premediations
- War and cultural critique
- The role of intellectuals in fostering conflict
- Malaise and resentment: the psychoanalytical discourse on the eve of conflict
- War and the media
- Warring modernism(s)
- Entertainment and the representation of war (video games, film, theatre, dance,
music, etc)
- Science, technology, industry and warfare
- Virtual worlds and cyber wars

Presentation of articles:

- All articles corresponding to the demands and standards of the Journal of Communication & Culture are submitted to double blind peer review. The Journal also accepts book reviews.

- Articles should be spaced at 1.5 throughout the entire text and should not exceed a maximum of 40,000 characters, including notes and bibliography, an abstract of between 100 and 150 words and a maximum of six keywords.

- Please send your article or book review as an attachment, in an email addressed to (comunicultura /at/ <mailto:(comunicultura /at/>, including also your postal address and phone number.

- Please read the complete Guidelines for Submission.

More information at

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