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[ecrea] Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity

Wed Feb 13 12:54:08 GMT 2013

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Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity

An international interdisciplinary conference celebrating 50 years in time and space University of Hertfordshire 3-5 September 2013

Co-organisers Kim Akass (School of Creative Arts) and Dr Steven Peacock (School of Humanities)

Programme Schedule

Day One: Tuesday 3rd September

9.30 Coffee and Registration

10-11.30 Keynote: Prof. James Chapman (U of Leicester)

11.30-12 Tea and Coffee

12-1.30 Parallel Panels x3 [A1, A2, A3]:

Panel A1 - Fantastical Spaces of Television

Chair: Steven Peacock

Jonathan Bignell (U of Reading) - Mise-en-scène in Doctor Who: The TARDIS as Space, Place and Setting

Victoria Byard (U of Leicester) - Only Bodies and Languages: reading, writing and feeling spaces in Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy

Billy Smart (U of Reading) - Warrior's Gate, Jean Cocteau and the realm of videographic fantasy

Panel A2 - Agent of Identity: Doctor Who and the Transformation of British Culture

Chair: James Chapman

Julian Chambliss (Rollins College) - The Whovian Evolution: Doctor Who, fandom, and the Anglo-American experience

Tom Steward (U of Warwick) - Time Monsters and Space Museums: 50 years of education in Doctor Who

Claire Jenkins (Bath Spa U) - 'I'm saving the world, I need a decent shirt': Masculinity and sexuality in Doctor Who

Panel A3 - Myth, Hope, and Heroes

Chair: Alison Gazzard

Matthew Freeman (U of Nottingham) - Transforming the Myth: Myths, monsters, and the imagination of the child in Doctor Who

Nanna Freeman (Leiden U) - 'Faith and hope, is that all?': Indomitable humanity in Doctor Who

Amanda Potter (Open U) - Who's Monsters? Classical monsters rewritten in Doctor Who episodes 'The Curse of the Black Spot' and 'The God Complex'

1.30-2.30 Lunch

2.30-4 Parallel Panels x2 [B4, B5]:

Panel B4 - Love and Monsters

Chair: Darren Elliott-Smith

Iain MacRury and Michael Rustin (U of East London) - The historical subject struggling to be born: love, narcissism and narrative in Doctor Who

B. W. L. Derhy (U of East Anglia / U Paris Ouest) - Doctor Who: Master of Time...but especially Space!

Mark Aldridge (Southampton Solent U) - Doctor Who: Living in the past?

Panel B5 - Production and Distribution

Chair: Jeremy Ridgman

John Cook (Glasgow Caledonian U) - Pathfinder to Space and Time: Sydney Newman and the genesis of Doctor Who

Jason Jacobs (U of Queensland) - i/c Daleks: a History of the BBC's exploitation of Doctor Who

Derek Kompare (Southern Methodist U) - Restoration or Regeneration: Doctor Who DVD Production and the Creation of 'Classic Doctor Who’

4-4.30 Tea and Coffee

4.30-6 Parallel Panels x2 [C6, C7]:

Panel C6 - Audiences and Exhibitions

Chair: James Walters

Bethan Power (Aberystwyth U)- Empathising with Aliens

Ian M. Peters (Georgia State U) - 'Look Mom, I'm a Dalek!': Doctor Who exhibitions, experiential fandom, and immersive learning environments

Paul Booth (DePaul U) - 'Who's That?': The changing landscape of Doctor Who fandom

Panel C7 - Sound and Music

Chair: Dominic Fitzgerald

K. J. Donnelly (U of Southampton) - The Ghosts of Time and Space: Sound and location in two exceptional stories

Liz Giuffre (Macquarie U) - Music of the Spheres: Doctor Who fans and the pioneering use of television music

Ross P. Garner (Cardiff U) - Simultaneously 'Quality' and 'Popular'?: Layered polysemy and nostalgic discourses in Doctor Who

6.30-7.30 Featured Speaker Dr. David Butler (U of Manchester) + I B Tauris Drinks Reception

8-10 Dinner

Day Two: Wednesday 4th September

9.30 Coffee and Registration

10-11.30 Keynote: Prof. Matt Hills (Aberystwyth U)

11.30-12 Tea and Coffee

12-1.30 Parallel Panels x3 [D1, D2, D3]:

Panel D1  - Bigger on the Inside... Inscription and Mutability in Doctor Who

Chair: Jonathan Bignell

Ivan Phillips (U of Hertfordshire) - The Hero with Eleven Faces (So Far): Doctor Who and the triumph of unsettlement

Richard Hewett (Royal Holloway, University of London) - Who is Matt Smith? Performing the Doctor

James Walters (U of Birmingham) - The Burden of Time: The Doctor as Sisyphean Hero

Panel D2 - History and Society

Chair: Steven Peacock

Ann Poulson (King's College, London) - 'We are highly amused': Queen Victoria's representation in Doctor Who

Matthew Hurd (Saint Anselm College) - Razor's Edge: The ninth Doctor as PTSD war veteran

Michael Starr (U of Northampton) - The Genocide Machine: Doctor Who, cybernetic bodies and societies of control

Panel D3 - Fandom and Social Media

Chair: Matt Hills

Brenna V. Ross (Grinnell College) - Performing Adoration: Doctor Who fandoms and the influence of social media on derivative creation

Rebecca Williams (U of Glamorgan) - Regeneration and Replacement: Doctor Who, character, and post-object fandom

Bethan Jones (Aberystwyth U) - The Girl Who Waited/Survived: Fan rewritings of Amy Pond

1.30-2.30 Lunch

2.30-4 Parallel Panels x2 [E4, E5]:

Panel E4 - Gaming Cultures

Chair: Ivan Phillips

Alison Gazzard (U of Hertfordshire) - Platforms, Peripherals and Play: Exploring the extensions of the Doctor Who game-world

David Simmons (Northampton U) - 'They're for Who fans first and gamers second': Narratology Vs ludology in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Adam Locks (U of Chichester) ‘The Wardrobe’s Bigger on the Outstide’. Doctor Who Cosplay and Fan Producers.

Panel E5 - The Companions

Chair: Lorna Jowett

Stephanie Graves (Middle Tennessee State U) - 'So many species, so little time': Captain Jack Harkness as The Doctor's Foil

Sherry Ginn (Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) - Spoiled for Another Life: Sarah Jane Smith's adventures with and without The Doctor

Craig Owen Jones (Prifysgol Bangor U) - 'It's bigger on the inside': Verisimilitude and companion reactions to the TARDIS in Doctor Who

4-4.30 Tea and Coffee

4.30-6 Parallel Panels x2 [F6, F7]:

Panel F6 - Globalism and Ownership

Chair: Jason Jacobs

Mark Adams (Brunel U) - Commercialisation and Public Service: Historical influences of Doctor Who on the BBC

Danny Nicol (U of Westminster) - The Parting of the Ways: Legitimacy and globalised law in Doctor Who

Melissa de Zwart (U of Adelaide) - Who owns Who? The Doctor, creativity and copyright law

Panel F7 - Gender Roles and Female Fans

Chair: Darren Elliott-Smith

Teresa Forde (U of Derby) - Out of Time: Women, memory and Doctor Who

Jon Witchell (U of Plymouth) - Shifting Gender Roles in Doctor Who

Brigid Cherry (St Mary's University College) - 'Knitting for Girls': Female fans and feminine handicrafting

6.30-7.30 Book Launch + Continuum Drinks Reception (Television Aesthetics and Style, Peacock and Jacobs, Continuum)

8-10 Conference Dinner at The Comet

Day Three: Thursday 5th September

10-11.30 Keynote: Dr Lorna Jowett (U of Northampton)

11.30-12 Tea and Coffee

12-1.30 Parallel Panels x3 [G1, G2, G3]:

Panel G1 - Narrative and Characterisation

Chair: David Butler

Robin Bunce – (U of Cambridge) 'Who da man?': Doctor Who, the indie years

David Cottis (Us of Middlesex and East London) - Character as Medium: Don Quixote, Hamlet, Citizen Kane, Superman, and The Doctor

Laura Black (Volunteer State Community College) - Unravelling the Complex Narrative of Doctor Who Series Six: Revealing the shape of time and the importance of memory

Panel G2 - Genre

Chair: Billy Smart

Steven Gil (U of Queensland) - 'I say, this is like something by that novelist chap, Mister Wells': Doctor Who and Science Fiction

Hannah Bayfield (U of Sheffield) - Bridging the Generation Gap: Cultural crossover and The Crash of the Elysium

Christopher Marlow (U of Lincoln) - Doctor Who and the Idea of the Book

Marcus K Harmes (U of Southern Queensland) - The Gothic and various approaches to religion in Doctor Who and Hammer Horror

Panel G3 - Crossing Over: Transmedia and the Global Brand

Chair: David Lavery

Hamish Crawford (Independent Scholar) - 'The usual ball of nerdy confusion': Doctor Who and the curse of the global brand

Cynthia Paris Burkhead (U of North Alabama) - 'I thought maybe he was a cowboy on his way to a gunfight': The reframing of America's South when The Doctor comes a callin'

John L. Sullivan (Muhlenberg College) - Transporting Television in Space and Time: The export of Doctor Who to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s

1.30-2.30 Lunch

2.30-4 Keynote: Prof. David Lavery (Middle Tennessee State U)

4-5.30 Round Table Discussion (Keynotes and Featured Speakers, chaired by Steven Peacock)

5.30 Conference Ends

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