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[ecrea] New book: Crossmedia Innovations: Texts, Markets, Institutions

Sat Feb 09 16:02:14 GMT 2013

NEW BOOK: Crossmedia Innovations: Texts, Markets, Institutions

Editors: Indrek Ibrus, Carlos A. Scolari


Published by Peter Lang

Blurb: Crossmedia and transmedia are keywords of increasing importance for media professionals and scholars alike. Although these phenomena are older than sometimes argued, the affordances of digital networked media have radically enriched the nature of "crossmedia strategies" of media industries. As such crossmedia is an emergent practice that arises as one of the core sources of complexity and innovation for late modern cultures. This edited volume includes chapters by authors from three continents who approach the phenomenon from different disciplinary angles: semiotics, cultural studies, media economics, political economy, innovation studies. The common interest lies in the dynamics that lead to experiments with crossmedia and in how our cultures are innovated through such practices.


Indrek Ibrus/Carlos A. Scolari: Introduction: Crossmedia innovation?

Maarja Saldre/Peeter Torop: Transmedia space

Carlos A. Scolari: The Triplets and the incredible shrinking narrative: Playing in the borderland between transmedia storytelling and adaptation

Colin B Harvey: Crossmedia cross-stitch: Spinoff stories as transmedial and intramedial suture

Sarah Atkinson: The view from the fourth wall window: Crossmedia fictions

Andreu Belsunces Gonçalves: Fringe: Playful transmedia

Richard Berger/Ashley Woodfall: The digital utterance: A crossmedia approach to media education

Joan Ramon Rodríguez-Amat/Katharine Sarikakis: The fandom menace or the phantom author? On sharecropping, crossmedia and copyright

Göran Bolin: Audience activity as a co-production of crossmedia content

Cinzia Colapinto/Eleonora Benecchi: Movie industry goes viral in the XXIst century: If what counts is the buzz...

Annika Wiklund-Engblom/Seppo Leminen/Mika Westerlund/Simon Staffans/Michaela Esch/Risto Rajala: Towards transmedia innovation: An empirical analysis of a multiplatform format

Steinar Ellingsen: Web series, independent media and emerging online markets: Then and now

Indrek Ibrus: The AV industry's microcompanies encounter multiplatform production

Aurite Kouts: 'You make the movies': Audiences as new filmmakers in the age of user-generated content

Jose A. García-Avilés: Innovation management in crossmedia production: Leading change in the newsroom

Rosa Franquet i Calvet/María Isabel Villa Montoya: Exploring the crossmedia content of public broadcasters in Catalonia and Denmark

Ivar John Erdal: What media logic? Organization of crossmedia production in two medium-sized Norwegian newsrooms.

Print: ISBN 978-3-631-62228-5 pb.

eBook: ISBN 978-3-653-02575-0

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