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[ecrea] On the Move: Cultural Studies Conference in Norrköping June 2013

Thu Feb 07 06:13:32 GMT 2013

       On the Move: ACSIS Cultural Studies Conference 2013

Every other year since 2005, The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) has organised a broad-based cultural studies conference that has brought together scholars in the field from Sweden and abroad. The theme of the ACSIS Cultural Studies Conference 2013 is /On the Move/. People, ideas and things are moving in many areas and directions all over the world and cultural studies research plays a key role in furthering our understanding of these movements.

The conference will take place 11-13 June 2013 in Norrköping, Sweden and we welcome contributions in the form of individual papers, sessions or workshops connected in various ways to movement and its cultural significance.

Proposals may be related to dimensions of movement including any of the following:

                      * Social movements
                      * Spatial movements
                     * Cross-border movements
                      * Movement as change
                      * Physical movement
                      * Conceptual and methodological movement

Proposals for papers, sessions, or workshops may be submitted in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, or English.

*Please submit proposals for sessions or workshops with a description of 250 words or less by e-mail to (acsis-konferens /at/ by 1 April 2013. Specify ‘Session Proposal’ or ‘Workshop Proposal’ in the subject line. In addition to the description of the theme, please state which papers (3-5) you are considering for inclusion in the session.

If you have a proposal for a session or workshop without confirmed participation of others, we request that you submit such proposals by 1 March 2013 so that we can announce them before the deadline for individual papers.

*Individual papers
*Please submit abstracts for individual papers (250 words or less) by e-mail to (acsis-konferens /at/, by 1 April 2013. Please specify ‘On the Move’ in the subject line. There are no fees for participating in the conference. Please note, however, ACSIS is unable to defray travel or other expenses. The number of participants is limited to 200.

/The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden is a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural studies dedicated to strengthening the cultural studies field of research by building bridges between academic institutions, subjects and perspectives. ACSIS is a coordinating and galvanising resource for Swedish cultural studies scholars.///

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