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[ecrea] Democratic Communique on War Society

Tue Feb 05 20:52:14 GMT 2013

The Deadline for papers for the special issue of Democratic Communique on War Society has been extended to June 1.

Authors of papers already submitted who wish an earlier submission elswhere are free to do so.

Call for Papers

Special Issue, Democratic Communiqué (DC)

The refereed journal of the Union for Democratic Communications

WAR SOCIETY: The Militarized Information/Communication Environment and Resistance

Since 9/11 when the world was interpolated into a "permanent war society," much has been written and produced in media about the parallel and 'dominant' tools used by war perpetrators: from military network war theories and cultures of 'warfighting' to the emergence of weaponized information and communication technologies and industries (examples: from games to drones and their cultural implications; from the expansion of the "war" to new regimes of militarized culture, permanent surveillance, as well as the re-emergence of links between permanent war and the propaganda structures of main stream media).

This special issue of DC seeks to shift the balance. We invite papers that frame all of these developments in a critical light, using theoretical perspectives based in, but not limited by, Political Economy and critical Cultural Studies.

We encourage research which both highlights the "war" society but also focuses upon the inevitable contradictions and social resistances inherent in such an over-arching historical ambition.

Deadline for finished papers is June, 2013

Communications can be sent to either of the Guest Editors:

Brian Martin Murphy, Niagara University, (bmm /at/ <mailto:(bmm /at/>


Patricia Mazepa, York University, (pamazepa /at/ <mailto:(pamazepa /at/>

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