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[ecrea] Philosophy of Photography ­ International peer reviewed journal vo.2 no.1

Wed Dec 14 19:31:33 GMT 2011

Philosophy of Photography – International peer reviewed journal vo.2 no.1 announces the publication of new issue

We are happy to inform you that New issue of *Philosophy of Photography* has been published. The editors thank all the authors who contributed to the success of this issue.

*Philosophy of Photography* is a peer reviewed journal devoted to the scholarly understanding of photography. It is not committed to any one notion of photography nor, indeed, to any particular philosophical approach. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for debate of theoretical issues arising from the historical, political, cultural, scientific and critical matrix of ideas, practices and techniques that may be said to constitute photography as a multifaceted form.

Volume 2 Issue 1

Out of photography … Interview with Ariella Azoulay
Author:  Andrew Fisher And  Daniel Rubinstein

Fractured chains of custody
Author:  Charles Heller

Mirages: An optical machine in the desert
Author:  Emanuel Licha

The photographic stare
Author:  Jorella Andrews

Dialectical inroads to a post-political photography: Democratic violence in the work of Lidwien van de Ven
Author:  Shepherd Steiner

Photography and Memory: Rethinking May ’68
Author:  Antigoni Memou

Transmediation: Tracing the social aesthetic
Author:  Andrew Dewdney

The desert and the sea: The Sapphic sublime of Frederick Sommer
Author:  John Timberlake

The flat-lining of metaphysics: François Laruelle’s ‘science-fictive’ theory of non-photography
Author:  John Roberts

Landscape trauma
Photoworks:  Ingrid Pollard

Dosimetry, personal monitoring film
Authors:  Tim Stephens And  Keith Pantridge

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