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Thu Dec 08 15:28:23 GMT 2011

Call For Papers: Vol. 2 September 2012.
500 word proposals:   5th January 2012.
2-4,000 word articles:  1st April 2012.

Contributions are invited for Vol. 2 of the Journal of European
Television History and Culture, which is the first peer-reviewed
multi-media e-journal in the field of television studies. Offering an
international platform for outstanding academic research on television
the journal has an interdisciplinary profile, and acts both as a
platform for critical reflection on the cultural, social and political
role of television in Europe=92s past and presence as well as a
multi-media platform for the circulation and use of digitized
audiovisual material.

Our main aim is to function as a showcase for a creative and
innovative use of digitized television material in scholarly work. At
the same time, the journal intends to stimulate the fruitful
discussion between audiovisual heritage institutions (especially
television archives) and a broader community of television experts and
amateurs. In offering a unique technical infrastructure for a
multi-media presentation of critical reflections on European
television, the journal aims at stimulating innovative narrative forms
of online storytelling, making use of the digitized audiovisual
collections of television archives around Europe.

The focus of Vol 2 of the journal, due for publication in September
2012, will be =93Europe on and Behind the Screens=94.  Proposals are
invited on (but are not limited to) the following topics:


* Eurovision or Intervision programmes:
       - Eurovision/ Intervision Song Contest
       - European News Exchange
       - Jeux Sans Fronti=E8res
       - Sports

* National Programmes dealing with Europe:
       - =93With Europe in View=94 (BBC)
       - European Journal
       - European politics / public sphere
       - History of European integration on television
       - Europe television culture:
       - Comparative studies on European television cultures
       - Europeanization / Americanization / Sovietization of television
       - Development of European television audiences


* The History of European broadcasting institutions (E.B.U. and
O.I.R.T.) and bi-lateral cooperation between national broadcasters
* Hidden collaboration between East (OIRT) and West (EBU) during Cold War
* Political initiatives to promote television as a means for European
understanding (TV without frontiers,=85)
* The infrastructures of European live transmissions and programme exchange
* Transnational Actors and Personalities: programme makers, engineers,
technicians, presenters
* Subversive cross-border viewing practices in totalitarian regimes
* Commercial initiatives and programme trade in the European
television landscape
* Legal frameworks of European television trade and exchange,
especially copy right problems

For our =93discovery=94-section, a platform dedicated to present latest
developments and initiatives in the field of audiovisual heritage
institutions and television archives, we especially invite
contributions dealing with past experiences and future challenges of
collaborations between television scholars and audiovisual heritage
institutions. These essays (2.500 words) should reflect on the
practical challenges of doing television research in an archival or
academic environment.

Please send your abstracts no later than 5th of January, 2012 to the
managing editor of the journal Dana Mustata: (journal /at/

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