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[ecrea] Call for Papers: Next Generation edition of Fast Capitalism

Mon Apr 12 20:16:14 GMT 2010

>Special Issue - Call for Papers: Next Generation edition of Fast Capitalism
>Fast Capitalism is a journal devoted to 
>analyzing the impact of information and 
>communication technologies on self, society and 
>culture in the 21st century. It bridges the 
>social sciences and the humanities and welcomes 
>both disciplinary and interdisciplinary work. 
>Because there is such an interesting body of 
>work being pursued by graduate students and 
>post-docs in the College of Liberal Arts and 
>strong scholars doing strong work that pushes 
>the academy forward, this issue seeks to 
>highlight some of this work and offer a unique 
>opportunity to focus on the newest members of 
>the academy. This special issue seeks to engage 
>critically with the intersections of self, 
>society, and culture, particularly in terms of 
>the speed, connectivity, and density of 21st century life.
>Fast capitalism challenges notions of the modern 
>and postmodern where traditional social 
>institutions like work and family, education and 
>entertainment, have blurred and fused in an 
>accelerated, post-Fordist stage of capitalism. 
>With new, faster, and greater numbers of mobile 
>technology emerging every day, boundaries 
>between the many segments of our lives seemingly 
>disappear or break down entirely. But these 
>invasive technologies that tether us to capital 
>and control can also work to resist these 
>tendencies. Through our mobile and active 
>connections we create a public sphere where 
>individuals and groups can express and 
>enlighten, collaborate and organize; parents can 
>manage their families and nurture children from 
>the job site and on the road, challenging 
>notions of public and private, and redefining 
>traditional gender roles; knowledge once 
>privileged within the confines of higher 
>education has never been more free, more 
>plentiful, or more available; information 
>technologies afford connection, mitigate 
>isolation, and even make way for social movements.
>We invite contributions on these and related issues.
>Suggested topics include:
>"       21st century daily life, the home, family, and/or children
>"       Internet and/or social media and 
>politics, politicians, campaigns, or government
>"       The culture industry, play, and/or leisure in the information age
>"       21st century capital, labor, work, law, etc.
>"       Cities, built environments and nature, 
>theories of space and ecocriticism in an 
>increasingly mobile and connected world
>"       Issues of gender, race, and/or social 
>class in a mobile and accelerated world
>"       The changing face of education, the 
>academy, and/or the public intellectual
>"       Critical pedagogy and the promise of 
>democratic education in the information age
>"       Marxist explorations of social media
>"       Identity politics and issues of 
>hybridity in social/mobile media contexts
>"       Globalization and the spread of technology
>"       Media studies, cultural studies and 
>philosophy of fast capitalism issues
>"       Re-readings and reviews of social theory and its contributors
>"       Theoretical approaches to any of the above
>"       Pragmatic applications of any of the above
>"       Visual or interactive explorations of any of the above
>Articles between 1,500 - 8,000 words are 
>welcome, as are alternative format submissions 
>such as commentaries, reviews, audio, visual and 
>digital contributions. Outlines and works in 
>progress are also welcome. Please include a 
>short bio. Send submissions for the special 
>issue in .doc or .pdf format to (ljacobs /at/ 
>with the subject Next Generation Submission.
>For Fast Capitalisms editorial policy and style 
>guidelines please got to
>For inquiries about the graduate student special 
>issue, email Lorie Jacobs or Wilton Wright 
>(Guest Editors): (ljacobs /at/ or (wilton.wright /at/
>Deadline: 15 Jun 2010
>Jeremy Hunsinger
>Political Science
>Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
>Virginia Tech
>Information Ethics Fellow
>Center for Information Policy Research
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