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[ecrea] New Hispanic and Mediterranean Studies Program

Fri Apr 09 19:59:34 GMT 2010

>Dear Colleagues,
>We are pleased to announce the launching of a 
>new Hispanic and Mediterranean Studies Program 
>starting September 13th, 2010 at the Universitat 
>Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) in Barcelona, Spain.
>The program is aimed at international students 
>with an intermediate level of Spanish who are 
>interested in learning more about Spanish 
>culture, history, literature and language in the 
>context of political, social, historical and 
>cultural events that, in the past, had shaped 
>and gave the Mediterranean region of today its 
>own identity within the European Union.
>The Program is also aimed at home students who 
>wish to gain deeper understanding of two 
>realities shaping their country: Spanish culture 
>and Mediterranean identity, both relevant not 
>only for their past but also because of their 
>preeminent future role in the international area.
>Spain, in general, and Barcelona, in particular, 
>is an excellent setting in which to approach the 
>study of and research into Mediterranean 
>identity and Spanish culture. The cosmopolitan 
>character and mild Mediterranean climate, 
>excellent communication networks and wide range 
>of recreational activities, place Barcelona 
>among the worldâ¬"s most recognized cultural 
>capitals. The city currently attracts over seven 
>million tourists per year. Throughout its two 
>thousand years history, Barcelona has made 
>significant contributions in architecture, art 
>and literature. Traditionally open to foreign 
>influences while maintaining its Mediterranean 
>character, Barcelona has adopted a modern, 
>dynamic approach to its commercial, industrial, 
>creative and educational activities. The city 
>also boasts one of the largest university 
>communities in Europe, made up of nearly 250,000 
>students and 14,500 professors and researchers.
>For further information about a new Hispanic and 
>Mediterranean Studies Program at the Universitat 
>Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), admission 
>requirements, etc, please, consult the enclosed 
>PDF documents, or contact 
><mailto:(studyabroad /at/>(studyabroad /at/ If 
>you need to speak with one of our international 
>admissions officers please call (+34)
>I would be very grateful if you could forward 
>this message to interested people or to colleagues in universities abroad.
>Yours sincerely,
>Prof. Dr. Enrique Banús, M.A.
>Cátedra Jean Monnet ad personam "Cultura Europea"
>Decano / Degà / Dean
>Facultat d'Humanitats
>Institut Carlemany d'Estudis Europeus
>Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
>Immaculada 22
>E-08017 Barcelona

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