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[ecrea] "Surveillance and Communications" (Second Call for Papers)

Mon Apr 02 18:17:00 GMT 2007

>Special Issue of The Communication Review: Surveillance and Communications
>Guest Editors: Shoshana Magnet (Institute of 
>Communications Research,University of Illinois 
>at Urbana-Champaign) and Kelly Gates(Department 
>of Media Studies, Queens College, CUNY)
>We invite submissions for a special issue of The 
>Communication Reviewon the contribution of 
>communications research to the study ofsurveillance.
>The age of informatics has resulted in the 
>proliferation of newtechnologies of 
>surveillance.  Surveillance remains one of the 
>keymeans by which modern institutions interact 
>with and govern theirconstituencies.  This 
>special issue of The Communication Review 
>willexamine the multiple connections between 
>communications andsurveillance.  We hope to 
>foster dialogue on the interconnectionsbetween 
>communications theory and surveillance 
>studies.  We aim touncover some of the insights 
>that communications theory brings to thestudy of 
>surveillance.  Has communications theory helped 
>to expand thestudy of surveillance through 
>attention to the socio-culturalramifications of 
>surveillance practices? Can communications 
>theorybroaden the study of surveillance through 
>its attention to theimportance of surveillance 
>technologies as information andcommunication 
>technologies, as well as visual media and soundreproduction systems?
>The special issue will address such questions 
>as:  How docommunicative practices, media 
>technologies, and surveillancepractices 
>intersect?  What insights does communications 
>theory andresearch bring to the study of 
>surveillance as a modern institutionalpractice?
>We are particularly interested in connections 
>between surveillancestudies and critical race 
>and feminist theories, as well astheoretical 
>investigations of the ways in which 
>surveillancetechniques are used to mark and 
>classify bodies based on 
>socialinequalities.  How are forms of 
>discrimination coded into andperpetuated by surveillance strategies?
>We are also interested in the intensification of 
>surveillance in theneo-liberal economy. How is 
>the expansion of new surveillancetechnologies 
>informed by the logic of privatization?  How 
>has"informationalized capitalism" encouraged the 
>development of newpractices and technologies of 
>surveillance?  How do particularsurveillance 
>strategies contribute to the conflation of consumptionand citizenship?
>Topics might include, but are not limited 
>to:"       The relationships between 
>surveillance and communication theory"       The 
>differential application of surveillance 
>strategies based onsocial 
>inequalities"       Surveillance technologies as 
>markers of identity"       Surveillance and 
>media interactivity"       Surveillance and the 
>digitization of visual media"       Surveillance 
>and copyright enforcement"       Market research 
>surveillance and consumer 
>citizenship"       Surveillance and reality 
>television"       Surveillance forms and cinematic "practices of looking"
>ces of looking"
>Papers should be between 7500 and 8000 words 
>long and must be receivedby May 1st, 
>2007.  Please email them to: Shoshana Magnet and 
>KellyGates, Guest Editors, The Communication 
>Review, c/o Tanya Omeltchenko,Managing Editor, at (to3y /at/
>-- Tanya Omeltchenko,Managing Editor,The 
>Communication Review.PhD Graduate Student, Sociology,University of Virginia
>401 Cabell Hall, PO Box 400866Charlottesville, 
>VA 22904-4866Phone: 434-243-4330Fax: 434-243-8869

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Free University of Brussels
Centre for Studies on Media and Culture (CeMeSO)
Pleinlaan 2 - B-1050 Brussels - Belgium
T: ++ 32 (0)2-629.18.56
F: ++ 32 (0)2-629.28.61
Office: 5B.401a
Katholieke Universiteit Brussel - Catholic University of Brussels
Vrijheidslaan 17 - B-1081 Brussel - Belgium
T: ++ 32 (0)2-412.42.78
F: ++ 32 (0)2/412.42.00
Office: 4/0/18
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