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Tue Mar 21 15:24:35 GMT 2006

>...forwarding a CFP for those particularly interested in "digital
>influences" on contemporary culture, arts and humanities...
>* *  CONFERENCE 2006  * *
>SEPTEMBER 3-6, 2006
>for further details see
>This year the renamed DRHA (UK) Conference - Digital Resources in the
>Humanities and Arts - is choosing to bring a new dimension into its
>standard range of digital projects and interests across the major
>disciplines of the humanities (archaeology, history, languages, linguistics,
>literature, philosophy...) by offering an exceptional invitation to
>practitioners and scholars working with digital media across the
>creative, visual, performing and media arts (music, performance,
>dance, visual arts, gaming, media, Internet...).  This development is
>intended to draw upon and give greater opportunity to consider changes
>that have occurred through the various applications of digital
>resources across multi-media platforms and practice-based and practice-
>led arts research.  The Conference offers an opportunity to all
>participants involved in arts, humanities and cultural studies to
>present, witness, experience and exchange knowledge and applications
>of accessible digital resources, and to appreciate how the
>collaborative practices of everyone involved with digital resources
>has a considerable potential to inform and influence other disciplines.
>The history and environment of Dartington College of Arts UK make it
>the perfect location for Conference 2006.  Well known as a place of
>special beauty and seclusion, the performance studios and exhibition
>facilities are equally superlative and include the 14th Century Great
>Hall, The Barn Theatre, The Gallery, plus several 'black-box'
>and 'white-box' studios equipped with highly sophisticated computer
>installations appropriate for music, sound, theatre, dance, media,
>exhibition, installation, screenings, demonstrations and presentations
>of both completed digital works and work in progress;  comfortable
>well-equipped seminar rooms complement these facilities for the
>presentation of academic papers, panels sessions and debates; outdoor
>events are possible in the extensive gardens and estate grounds.  You
>can visit Dartington College of Arts online at:
>For this Conference two websites have been commissioned to give
>expanded up-to-date Conference details and to provide opportunities
>for making proposals and registering online.  The Dartington venue
>website is at
>and the DRHA2006 website (providing further details and facilities for
>making online proposals and checking the overall Programme as it
>develops) is at
>On these websites you will also find more detailed information on:
>*  key themes for Conference 2006;
>*  how you can participate and make proposals for presentations;
>*  the  variety of presentation formats available;
>*  additional notes for practitioners with particular technical
>*  key dates;
>*  points of contact for further information.
>DRH Conferences are never less than inspirational for those working
>with digital resources in the arts and humanities. With the advent of
>DRH+Arts this conference series enters a new decade (the first DRH
>Conference was at Somerville College, University of Oxford in
>1996) and begins an exploration of new horizons in digital resources.
>The organisers hope you will feel a sense of anticipation and be inclined 
>to join
>DRHA Conference 2006 in order to participate in its presentations and
>debates and contribute to its scholarly, artistic and cultural
>endeavours and exchange.
>Dr A A Piccini
>Research Councils Academic Fellow
>Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television
>University of Bristol
>Cantocks Close, Woodland Road
>Bristol BS8 1UP
>T: +44 0117 954 5449
>E: (a.a.piccini /at/

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