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[eccr] Conference Announcement: Architecture|Music|Acoustics

Tue Apr 26 05:37:58 GMT 2005

>Conference Announcement: Architecture|Music|Acoustics
>Tentative Dates: June 8-10, 2006 Location: Ryerson University, Toronto,
>Canada In conjunction with the soundaXis festival of music, acoustics,
>and architecture, Ryerson University Department of Architectural
>Science is pleased to announce an international conference dedicated to a 
>study of the same themes.
>Among the critical fault-lines within architectural practice and
>is that which privileges sight, conceiving of architecture as primarily
>visual art form. Despite the multi-sensorial, embodied nature of our
>in space, architectural discourse has been largely silent where senses
>other than the visual are impacted. This conference proposes to move
>outside the visual paradigm to investigate the relationships between
>architecture, music, and acoustics. These intermeshed relationships
>tend to
>one extreme or the other: either sound is understood by architects
>instrumentally, as an element to be controlled if not eliminated, or
>is understood by architects as a metaphorical structure needing to be
>translated to visual terms before becoming available to architecture.
>Indeed, one of the few works published in the last half-century on the
>relationship of architecture and music from within the architectural
>community is Pamphlet Architecture 16, edited by Elizabeth Martin,
>takes as its title Architecture as a Translation of Music. This
>sees itself as an updating of Martin¹s work, while starting from the
>that Architecture, Music, and Acoustics have real relationships not
>requiring translation between visual and sonic terms, and not limited
>the instrumental. The conference will involve both historical and
>studies of these relationships, focussing on the strategies and
>used by architects in dealing with sound and with ideas borrowed from
>music. The conference will encourage an active mode of engagement with
>in architectural design.
>Call for Session Chairs Parties interested in acting as session chairs
>should submit proposals of no more than 500 words, including a session
>title, by May 15, 2005. Session proposals will be evaluated by the
>conference committee based on their clarity of conception and relevance
>the overall conference theme. Session chairs will be responsible for
>arranging for blind review of papers submitted to their sessions, as
>well as
>moderating and chairing their sessions at the conference. Sessions are
>encouraged which cover any aspect of the relationships between sound
>space. Sessions may be historical, theoretical, pedagogical, or other
>premise; sessions dealing with constructed work are particularly
>Please submit Session Proposals, including name, professional
>address, telephone and fax numbers, and a short CV by email to
>chair, Colin Ripley, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson
>University, (cripley /at/ Further information will be posted as
>becomes available at
>soundaXis is a 2-week festival of music, acoustics and architecture
>for June 2006 in Toronto. During soundaXis, the city will be alive with
>sound tours, interdisciplinary installations, symposia, traditional
>and site-specific concerts in public spaces. soundaXis takes its
>inspiration from famed architect and composer Iannis Xenakis, whose
>work in both music and architecture helped change approaches to art and
>design in the 20th century. In his spirit, the festival will
>concentrate on
>three artistic goals that celebrate and continue the work of Xenakis:
>fresh discovery of the intimacies of music and architecture, 2)
>of the base ideas that permit translation from one art form to another,
>experience of the city, more specifically, Toronto, as an acoustical
>landscape. Each event will be presented by one of many contributing
>organizations and will explore the interaction, mutual definition, and
>shared fundamentals between music, architecture, and acoustics. The
>festival is being planned by New Music Arts Projects, a newly
>arts organization, founded and governed by several of Toronto¹s
>artistic directors from the new music community.

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