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[eccr] Fourth International Workshop for Young Scholars

Mon Apr 18 19:25:10 GMT 2005



Organised by/ Organisée par

European Law Journal


Centre d'Études et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires
Université de droit, d'économie et des sciences d'Aix-Marseille III
Faculté de droit et de science politique

Collège d'Europe de Natolin

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November 2005
Vendredi 18 et Samedi19 novembre 2005


'Designing the European Union' refers to the current development of EU 
policies that will determine the future shape of the European integration 
project. This Workshop is built on the success of the previous 
International Workshops for Young Scholars (WISH), held respectively in 
2002, 2003, and 2004. It seeks to bring together the most promising young 
scholars concerned with the theme of 'Designing the European Union' from 
universities of the EU Member States including the new Member States, 
countries that are candidates for later EU membership, countries of the 
Mediterranean basin and other countries such as China, the United States 
and elsewhere. The Workshop is intended to offer the participants an 
opportunity to present their best research work in a professional academic 
setting to an audience of other young scholars and more senior scholars. It 
also is intended to provide a means by which their work can be published 
either in the form of an article or in an edited book destined for an 
international readership. The Workshop, one of the first of its kind in 
Europe, is oriented primarily towards research currently being carried out 
by advanced doctoral students.

The development of current EU policies will shape the future of the 
European integration project. They will help to determine the legitimacy of 
the EU and to answer the question: 'What sort of Europe?' Some of these 
policies continue along lines which were initially drawn by early EU 
policies. Others now  extend into domains which until recently were 
largely, if not entirely, the province of the Member States. These 
policies, together with examples of possible topics, include the following:
·       Education, for example EC competence and policies in the field of 
education, the Bologna process, the relation of EC education law to the GATS,
·       Culture, for example the protection of cultural property, law and 
EU cultural policies (cinema, arts, and other),
·       Immigration, for example asylum, refugees immigration policy,
·       Security, for example police and judicial cooperation in criminal 
matters, European arrest warrant,
·       Social justice, for example law and social solidarity, European 
social models, income redistribution,
These examples are indicative, not exhaustive. Proposals on other aspects 
of the theme of 'Designing the European Union' in these areas are also welcome.

The Workshop will take place over one and a half days. It will comprise six 
panels (two per half-day). Each panel will include approximately three 
presentations by young scholars. Another young scholar will serve as 
discussant. Each panel will be chaired by a senior scholar. Ample time will 
be left for discussion. The working languages are English and French.
The costs of travel and accommodation (up to 2 nights hotel: Friday, 
Saturday) of paper-givers and discussants will be covered by the 
organisers. Further information will be provided in due course to those 
whose proposals are accepted.


1.      Submission of proposals
o       Proposals should be submitted to Oana Andreea Stefan by 30th May 
2005 at the latest
by e-mail : (ostefan /at/
by mail :Oana Andreea Stefan, Academic Assistant
  College of Europe, Natolin Campus
  Ul. Nowoursynowska 84, PL-02-797 Warszawa
o       Proposals may be submitted in either English or French.
- Each proposal should contain the following information:
§       A cover sheet with the title of the proposed presentation, the name 
of the proposer (first name, family name), the proposer's institution, and 
full address, including email, telephone and fax.
§       A 400 to 500 word summary of the proposed presentation.
o       Proposals must be submitted in Word or RTF form on 3'5 disk if sent 
by mail

2.      Selection of papers
All proposals will be acknowledged.
Proposals will be examined by the Editorial Board of the European Law Journal.
(See the ELJ website :

Letters of acceptance or rejection will be sent by 30th June 2005.
3.      Submission of completed papers
The authors of selected proposals will be asked to prepare a completed 
paper for presentation at the Workshop. The deadline for receipt of the 
completed paper is 30th September 2005.
The final programme of the Workshop will be distributed before 10th October 
Submission of a proposal constitutes a professional commitment to 
participate in the conference. Please only submit a proposal if you are 
seriously committed to completing the paper and participating in the 
conference if your proposal is selected.

For further information
please consult the Workshop website at
Or contact Nicolas Triart:
(europeanlawjournal /at/

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