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[eccr] CFP: Star Trek Franchise Effect

Thu Aug 05 12:58:01 GMT 2004

>The Star Trek Franchise Effect: Cultural Reception and Interpretation
>Call for Papers: The Star Trek franchise and associated cultural phenomena,
>a volume to be edited by Lincoln Geraghty.
>Having received preliminary interest from an international publisher I
>would like to invite chapter proposals for an edited volume on the Star
>Trek television and movie franchise and related cultural phenomena,
>including fan groups, fan affection, novels, games, toys and merchandise,
>conventions, the Las Vegas Experience, world Exhibition tours, political
>resonances, mythic and religious inspirations, cultural impact, global
>fandom, the Internet, science fiction tradition, the television industry,
>the animated series, cult stardom, music, Paramount franchise branding and
>Intended as a broadly interdisciplinary volume on the series and films of
>the Star Trek franchise, this book aims at a wide audience including
>students, academics and interested fans in the areas of film studies,
>television studies, sociology, communications, anthropology, American
>studies, philosophy, media and cultural studies, race and gender studies,
>English, politics, history, and other related disciplines. This collection
>will provide a multidisciplinary perspective addressing the full range of
>Star Trek cultural production and will not resemble any volumes analysing
>Star Trek currently in the marketplace. Because the five television series
>and ten feature films are the principal avenue of dissemination, it is
>expected that contributions will reflect familiarity with the entire
>franchise. Contributions that examine the overall impact of an entire
>series or compare two or more are particularly welcome, as are those
>contributions that examine the film franchise in its industrial and
>cultural context. Having recently survived cancellation contributions
>dealing with Star Trek: Enterprise and its place within the franchise,
>including fans, merchandise, new media practices, are also welcome.
>Previous volumes on Star Trek have tended to look exclusively at either the
>series or fans, and often ignore the differential nature of the films and
>relevant merchandising of Paramount's senior franchise. This volume will
>attempt to gather those strands of Star Trek together and analyse them
>within the context of a media product that has lasted 40 years in a global
>television market. Publication of this volume would coincide with the 40th
>anniversary of the series.
>Please send abstracts of 500 words and a short CV as email attachment (word
>format) to Lincoln Geraghty at (aaxlggg1 /at/
>Deadline: 1st November 2004.
>Lincoln Geraghty
>Institute of Film Studies
>School of American and Canadian Studies
>University of Nottingham
>University Park
>NG9 2SU
>United Kingdom

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