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[eccr] Italy Senate passes bill favorable to Berlusconi

Fri Jul 05 19:17:52 GMT 2002

Italy Senate passes bill favorable to Berlusconi
Opposition lawmakers in Rome waved Italian flags in protest on July 4th,
after the Senate approved legislagion that conservative backers of Prime
Minister Silvio Berlusconi believe will end his troubles over alleged
conflicts of interest.

The issue involves Mr Berlusconi's multi-billion-dollar holdings,
including the country's largest private broadcaster, and concerns that
he might get favorable news coverage for that reason.

The opposition described the legislation as toothless and tailor-made
for Mr Berlusconi, Italy's richest man with a media empire worth around
7.3 bn euros. 

The bill envisages two existing authorities to monitor conflict of
interest involving public officials. But it leaves it to the
legislature, where Mr Berlusconi's forces have a comfortable majority in
both houses, to determine any punishment. It says holding public office
is incompatible with running a company, but not with owning one.

Source: - International Herald Tribune

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