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[eccr] Crime, Media, Culture - 1st issue

Wed Apr 06 09:01:59 GMT 2005

Crime, Media, Culture
First Issue Now Published!

To celebrate the launch of Crime, Media, Culture SAGE Publications would 
like to offer you FREE online access to this new journal until May 2nd 2005.

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Crime, Media, Culture is set to be the primary vehicle for exchange between 
scholars who are working at the intersections of criminological and 
cultural inquiry. It will promote a broad cross-disciplinary understanding 
of the relationship between crime, criminal justice, media and culture.
The crime/media culture nexus speaks to many whose work is embedded in 
theories of social relations and social change, and therefore maintains 
high relevance across the full spectrum of social sciences and humanities. 
Crime, Media, Culture will provide a unique and much needed forum for 
serious debate underpinned by empirically novel and/or theoretically 
rigorous research.

Articles in Issue One Include:

 From reel to ideal: 'The Blue Lamp' and the popular cultural construction 
of the English 'bobby' Eugene McLaughlin
Anti-Nirvana: Crime, culture and instrumentalism in the age of insecurity 
Steve Hall and Simon Winlow
Mediatized public crisis and civil society renewal: The racist murder of 
Stephen Lawrence Simon Cottle
Symbolic politics and penal populism: The long shadow of Willie Horton Tim 
Newburn and Trevor Jones

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Click here for FREE online access

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