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[ecrea] 6 PhD Vacancies on the B-magic project open

Mon Jun 04 19:30:09 GMT 2018

  B-magic: The Magic Lantern and its Cultural Impact as Visual Mass
  Medium in Belgium (1830-1940)

  There are 6 PhD vacancies available within the B-magic project. Be
  sure to sumbit your applications by July 2. More information regarding
  the positions, terms of appointment, and the project can be found on
  our website <>.

  The B-magic project  aims to *rediscover the various functions *of the
  lantern performance within the Belgian public sphere, in particular,
  its use in the transmission and negotiation of knowledge, norms and
  values by different societal groups. Scientists and entertainers,
  teachers and priests, political movements and organisations: they all
  used projected visual narratives to inform, entertain, educate and
  mobilize audiences of up to more than a thousand people per occasion.
  The lantern was the first visual mass medium to contest the printed
  word as a primary mode of information and instruction. All layers of
  society, both literate and illiterate, received visual information
  about nature, religion, science, new technologies and foreign
  countries. Our team therefore consists of researchers from cultural
  history and history of science, media and communication science, and
  film and theatre history. Together, we will investigate the role of
  the magic lantern in the first hundred years of Belgian history.

  The B-magic consortium will research the *pivotal role of the magic
  lantern in Belgian society*from the country’s independence (1830) up
  to 1940, when its use declined. To this end, it brings together an
  interdisciplinary team of researchers from Performance Studies, Cinema
  and Media Studies, Urban History, History of Science and Knowledge,
  Communication Studies, Semiotics, and Narratology. B-Magic will
  produce the first comprehensive study of the role of the magic lantern
  as a mass medium in a country.


The B-magic project will host six PhD candidates. Vacancies are now published and open until *July 2*.

    University of Antwerp (UA)

  * Doctoral student, Theatre studies and intermediality -
  * Doctoral student, Urban history - 2018BAPFLWEF169

    KU Leuven

  * PhD position, Cultural History since 1750 - BAP-2018-267

    Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

  * PhD position in theatre studies - EURAXESS Job Offer id: 304244
  * PhD position in film studies - EURAXESS Job Offer id: 304250

    Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

  * Doctoral student, Media studies - EURAXESS Job Offer id: 301170

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