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[ecrea] PhD summer school on the Political Economy of ICT4D

Thu May 26 14:14:47 GMT 2016

PhD Summer School on the Political Economy of ICT4D

Dates: Monday 12 September to Friday 16 September 2016

Venue: Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark

Organizer: Center for Communication, Media and Information technologies (CMI), AAU Copenhagen



The summer school on the Political Economy of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is a PhD course focusing on the interplay between technology developments and policy and regulation and market and economic developments in the ICT area. This year’s event is the 10th summer school on the Political Economy of ICT with previous summer schools featuring topics concerning Internet, media, mobile communications, social networks, etc.


The aim of the course is to refine the level of knowledge of the participating Ph.D. students on the economic and political structures and mechanisms affecting technology development in the information and communication technology (ICT) area. It also considers the impact of implementation and application of ICTs on the economy and broader social developments. It is a course in the political economy of technology development with a disciplinary point of departure in economics and social science. This theme is explored at a company (micro), sectoral (meso) and/or societal (macro) level. This will depend on the specific topics chosen in the course. The course targets Ph.D. students with a technology background combined with an economics and/or social science approach and students with an economics and /or social science background focusing on technology development.


The topic of 2016 is ICT for Development (ICT4D). Focus will be on how applications of ICT can contribute to social, economic and political developments in general and especially in economically poorer countries and regions and on how the social, economic and political environment environments condition technology developments in the ICT area. Much research has emphasized the positive prospects of ICT4D, but with ICTs and especially mobile communications already having a relatively wide penetration in many developing areas it is also time to look at the actual impacts. The summer school will have focus on discussions on prospects, conditions and impacts relating to ICT developments in terms of broader social as well as economic and market developments. This includes micro cases and developments at a larger scale, and it includes applications and content as well as infrastructure aspects.


·*William H. Melody* <>, Professor, CMI, Aalborg University

·*Laurent Gille* <>, Professor, Télécom ParisTech

·*Knud Erik Skouby* <>, Professor, CMI

·*Anders Henten* <>, Professor, CMI

·*Reza Tadayoni* <>, Associate Professor, CMI

For more information, please contact:

Reza Tadayoni, (reza /at/ <mailto:(reza /at/>

Anders Henten, *(henten /at/ <mailto:(henten /at/>*

Best regards

Anders Henten

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