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[Commlist] CfP: Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment in Digital Spheres — Connecting Intersectionality and Digitality

Tue Aug 25 06:23:23 GMT 2020

CfP: Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment in Digital Spheres — Connecting Intersectionality and Digitality

Special Issue of the Journal of Digital Social Research

Guest editors: Ladan Rahbari (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands); Evelien Geerts (University of Birmingham, UK); Sara De Vuyst ((s.devuyst /at/ <mailto:(s.devuyst /at/>, Ghent University, Belgium)

Abstract submission deadline: October 1, 2020

This special issue of JDSR has two goals. /First/, it aims to bring together innovative and newly developed theoretical, empirical, analytical, and critical approaches in the study of gender, sexuality, and embodiment in digital spheres. /Second/, by connecting intersectionality and digitality, we aim to adopt an integrated approach that reflects the intricacy and interconnectedness of social markers and categories of difference, privilege, performance, and discrimination. As such, we specifically encourage submissions that adopt an intersectional approach and address gender, sexuality, and embodiment as integrated with other social factors, such as — but not limited to — age, race, (dis)ability, religion, color, and nationality.

The guest editors invite academic articles using diverse research methods and theoretical frameworks, and that belong to any disciplinary background. The papers may draw on the following, or other, research lines:

  * Social, feminist, and critical theories on intersectionality,
    gender, sexuality, and embodiment in digital spheres;
  * Critical empirical analysis of the relationships between digital
    spheres and gender(ed) and sexual(ized) performativity, unruliness,
    resistance, and defiance;
  * Gendered and sexual(ized) digital/online representations of embodied
    diversity and difference;
  * Historical and intersectional analyses of the role of gender,
    sexuality, and embodiment in the establishment of contemporary
    digital orders;
  * LGBTQIA+ issues/rights/identities and digital spheres;
  * Studies on gendered and sexualized bodies in relation to age, race,
    color, migration, (dis)ability, etc. in digital spheres;
  * Exploring posthumanist, affect and new materialist approaches to the
    study of digitality;
  * Harmful discourses, and different forms of gender- and
    sexuality-based harassment and violence in digital spaces;
  * Digitally-spread creations, e.g., avatars, gifs, and memes in
    relation to gender- and sexuality-focused topics;
  * The use of digital media for feminist, queer, anti-racist,
    anti-ageist, anti-ableist activism;
  * Expressions of unruly intimacies and sexualities in and through
    digital spaces that challenge normative assumptions about (older)
    age, sexuality, and gender.

    Feel free and encouraged to suggest alternative subjects!

The complete call for papers can be found here No payment from authors will be expected.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

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