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[Commlist] Journey to Italy. Studying Italian Filmand Media Beyond Italy (CFP n.37 La Valle dell'Eden)

Tue Feb 11 20:41:31 GMT 2020

East of Eden/La Valle dell’Eden - New series
Journal of Cinema, Photography, Media
CALL FOR PAPERSn. 37June-December 2020

*Journey to Italy. Studying Italian Film and Media Beyond Italy*
edited by Luca Barra, Giulia Carluccio, Giacomo Manzoli, Giulia Muggeo

In recent years the academic research conducted outside of Italy on Italian cinema and media has grown consistently. More generally, the field of Italian Studies has expanded significantly in Europe and beyond, and a number of researches on Italian media and cultural industries, and, specifically, on Italian film and TV production, have emerged. While the notion of Italian Studies can be traced back to the anglophone academia, the study of Italian culture and media has grown in recognition in several departments in European and non-Western universities.

This special issue aims at highlighting some of the most relevant areas in the study of Italian film, television, and media, by articulating the historical and theoretical foci, the methodological perspectives, and the most relevant case studies that inform the discipline. This comprehensive research on the state of the art of Italian Studies will include an effort towards mapping the relevant professional associations, conferences, and international journals both in the area of Italian media studies and in the wider network of interdisciplinary studies on Italian culture. Moreover, this special issue will address the relation between academic research and the critical and social discourses on Italian film and media, museums and other cultural institutions, film archives, festivals, and other actors operating in the promotion and distribution of the Italian media production.

*Topics: *

*Most relevant and recurrent periods in film-historical researches:*

. Silent cinema, Fascist cinema, Neorealism, the 1960s, Contemporary cinema

*Issues and themes*

. Authors and author-theory: Antonioni, Argento, Fellini, Visconti, Scola, Moretti, Sorrentino, etc.

. Popular cinema and genres: Peplum, Melodrama, Horror, Crime film/Poliziottesco, Spaghetti Western, Cinepanettoni, Comedy, etc.

. Documentary and non-fiction film

. The history of production and the evolution of the film and media industry

. Formal and informal models of distribution

. Stardom and acting

. Television, digital platforms, TV series and other genres

. Gender, ethnicity, class, and Italian identity

. Italian film and media consumption: mainstream, niches, the Italian diaspora

. Intermediality, and the relations between screen cultures and performing arts, music and songwriting, fashion, literature and comics, advertisement, etc,

. The relation with cultural, social, and political history

. Made in Italy: cultural and creative industries and lifestyle, food, sports


. University departments, associations, scientific journals, etc.

. Teaching methods for Italian film and media

. Research projects, models of academic cooperation


*Preservation, circulation, promotion, channels and platforms*

. Film archives and museums

. Exhibitions

. Retrospectives/Festivals

. The presence of Italian film and media in television schedules and on digital platforms

. The critical discourse on traditional and digital outlets

. The home video market

The special issue will feature three parts: far-reaching contributions on general historiographical, theoretical, and methodological issues (5.000/6.000 words); case studies and case histories (4.000/5.000 words); shorter pieces on institutions, associations, promotional outlets, events (2.500 words).

*Submissions and deadlines: *

Authors need to submit their proposals (500-word abstract) and bio to Luca Barra ((luca.barra /at/ <mailto:(luca.barra /at/>), Giulia Carluccio ((giulia.carluccio /at/ <mailto:(giulia.carluccio /at/>), Giacomo Manzoli ((giacomo.manzoli /at/ <mailto:(giacomo.manzoli /at/>), Giulia Muggeo ((giuliafrancesca.muggeo /at/ <mailto:(giuliafrancesca.muggeo /at/>), and the journal's editorial staff ((eden /at/ <mailto:(eden /at/>) by April 14^th , 2020. The deadline for full articles is September 1^st 2020.

/La valle dell'Eden///East of Eden/ is a film and media studies journal, founded in 1999 and published by the University of Torino, in collaboration with the Universities of Pavia and Genova. The journal uses an open review system, in order to foster a lively and fruitful discussion among authors and reviewers, thus promoting frankness and cooperation and avoiding the stiff rituals of traditional peer-review.

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