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[Commlist] CFP: Film Audience Conference - Oxford Brookes University

Tue Feb 11 08:12:06 GMT 2020

Film Audience Movements and Migrations: Across Borders and Screens

6-7 April 2020

Headington Hill Hall, Oxford Brookes University

This conference, organised by The Audience Project (TAP) interdisciplinary research group, focuses on academic scholarship and industry practices in film distribution, engagement and consumption. The event takes place at a vital moment in time when physical mobility, competition in the exhibition business and opportunities for access of audiovisual products through new technologies are all rising exponentially. The conference, however, aims to explore not only the contemporary environment of fluctuation but also the historical and future contexts for peoples’ movement (local, national and international) and their relation to filmic screens. It features international experts across academia (including sociology, history, media, communication and culture, film and television studies) and industry (media businesses, cultural institutions and government bodies). It provides a unique forum for new and topical scholarly research in the field as well as the opportunity to share research and know-how from a multitude of (inter-)national perspectives, initiating future collaborations across borders, disciplines and sectors.

The list of speakers and topics includes:

_Keynote speakers:_

Prof. Martin Barker (Aberystwyth University) “Living The ‘Glocal’: How Varied Audiences Cope With ‘Big’ Culture”

Prof. Ian Christie (Birkbeck, University of London) “The Overlap and Interpenetration Between the 'Worlds' of Film, TV and Games”

Prof.Mark Jancovich (University of East Anglia) “Cinema, Travel and Belonging”


Dr Carmen Spanò(Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore): “National Audiences’ forms of engagement with Game of Thronesand Mad Men’s Trans-Media Architectures: An Overview”

Dr Petra Hirzer & Dr Hanna Klien-Thomas(University of Vienna, Independent Researcher): “Bollywood in Trinidad and Peru: a comparative approach to transcultural audiences”

Dr Sibel Kaba & Dr Deniz Özalpman(Trabzon University, University of Vienna): “A cross comparative cinema cultures in 1960s between urban and rural cities”

Prof. Daniela Treveri Gennari, Dr Lies Van de Vijver & Dr Pierluigi Ercole(Oxford Brookes University, University of Ghent & De Montfort University): “The Geography of Film Popularity in Post-war Europe: places and trajectories”

Dr Melanie Selfe(University of Glasgow): “Capturing and constructing the future filmgoer: UK film policy and the economic instrumentalisation of the audience”

Dr Hadija Chalupe da Silva(Fluminense Federal University/Superior School of Advertising and Marketing): “Mapping Out Contemporary Brazilian Film - Reaching New Audiences”

Dr Alireza Khoshnevis (University of Damghan): “Introduction of ‘Art and Experience Cinema’ Project in Iran”

Dr Alexander Donev(Bulgarian Academy of Sciences/National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts): “Box Office Dynamics of Bulgarian Independent and State Supported productions (2010-2019)”

Francesca Cantore and Dr Damiano Garofalo(Sapienza University of Rome): “Romarcord - A Project On The Social History of Moviegoers in Rome (1945-1975)”

Dr Silvia Dibeltulo(Oxford Brookes University): “Reconstructing historical film genre consumption in post-war Italy”

Dr Dalila Missero(Oxford Brookes University): “Investigating Cinema Memories as Transnational Practices: A Qualitative Study with Female Latin-American Audiences in Barcelona and Milan”

Prof. Bridgette Wessels, Dr Matthew S. Hanchard & Dr Peter Merrington(University of Glasgow): “The dynamics of audience practices: mobilities of film consumption”

Dr Karina Aveyard(University of East Anglia): “Transnational Audience Mobility – How I Learnt to Love Crocodile Dundee”

Dr Maya Nedyalkova(Oxford Brookes University): “Reconstructing the National Film Distribution and Exhibition Network through the Experiences of Contemporary Bulgarian Viewers”

Laëtitia Kulyk(University of Jyväskylä): “Understanding and developing the audience for a French-speaking film festival in Greece”

Julia Lamaison(BFI): “Screen Nation – film in the wider world”

Ian Cade(BFI): “Beyond our shores – the appetite for and success of UK film and TV around the world”

TBC(EUROVOD): “EUROVOD Study on Marketing and Audience Development for Independent European VoD Platforms”

Dr Roderik Smits(Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf): “Online Platforms and Film Audiences: Specialised Film in the Era of Content Abundance”

Prof. Mattias Frey(University of Kent): “Choosing Films and Series in the Age of Netflix: Uses and Users of VOD Recommender Systems in the Context of Legacy Information Sources”

Dr Oswelled Ureke(University of Johannesburg/ Midlands State University): “Alternative Screens: Zimbabwean screen media, audiences and consumption dynamics”

Dr Stuart Hanson(De Montfort University): “The multiplex as a US form and its entry into Europe: ‘ripe for a revolution’ “

Dr Margaret O’Brien(Birkbeck, University of London): “The Hampstead Everyman: art, community and film culture in the 1930s”

Anna Blagrove(University of East Anglia): “Teen’s Screens: The Places, Values, and Contexts of Film Consumption and Cinema-Going for Young Audiences”

Philip Jablon(The Southeast Asia Movie Theatre Project/Chiang Mai University): “Historic Exhibition Spaces and the Audience: Architectural Conservation of Southeast Asia Movie Theatres”

Dr Deborah Allison(Picturehouse Cinemas/De Montfort University): “Event Cinema in the UK: Current Trends in Production, Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption”

Tony Maroulis & Daniel Gadher(Ampere Analysis): TBC

This conference will form part of a series of future events, which aim to foster continued dialogue across academia and the creative industries sector, through the development of CIRCULATE (Creative Industries and Academic Research Collaborative Network).

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