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[ecrea] CFP: Women, Power and Media

Sat Mar 31 11:27:49 GMT 2007

>Women, Power and the Media
>Aston University, Birmingham
>Saturday 15th - 16th September 2007
>Call for Papers
>Women are increasingly gaining access to positions of political power.
>Recent evidence of this is displayed among other facts by the appointment
>of a female head of state in Chile, Germany, Jamaica, Liberia and South
>Korea. In France and in the US, election campaigns are currently being
>fought which raises the prospect of the first female presidency. The
>increasing presence of women as political leaders challenges traditional
>social conventions that, until recently, have been based on a gender-based
>division of roles and have constructed political leadership as a male
>responsibility. Femininity and power have been commonly seen as
>incompatible. This raises the question of whether the growing prominence of
>women in political leadership roles in any national context is matched by
>the social reception of female leaders and how the public react to and
>reconcile femininity and power.
>This process can be examined by using the methods of historical,
>sociological and psychological analysis. A complementary perspective is
>provided by looking at the language used to name, portray and qualify women
>in the public forum. In so doing, it is hoped to explore asymmetries that
>exist with respect to femininity and power and to demonstrate how these are
>linguistically constructed in the public domains. The media are a
>particularly fruitful domain of study for such investigations, as they
>shape and are shaped by received social conventions.
>The main aim of this conference is to bring together studies assessing the
>(a)symmetrical treatment of female political leaders in the media. The
>intention is to establish the extent to which gender bias marks political
>leadership. We particularly welcome discourse-based studies that may look
>at the way leaders are named, discussed and qualified in a monolingual or
>contrastive perspective. We invite contributions from discourse analysts,
>sociolinguists, translation scholars, and semiologists. Papers from
>philosophy, social sciences as well as literary, film and cultural studies
>will also be considered.
>Abstracts in English of no more than one page including references will
>specify which leader is considered, for what particular period, which
>corpus is used, what parameters are looked at, and the extent of
>asymmetrical treatment of the considered leaders. They should be sent by
>email no later than May 15th 2007 to Pierre Larrivée
>[(p.larrivee /at/].
>The organisers will seek to publish a selection of the papers presented.
>Deadline for abstracts                        15th May 2007
>Acceptance Notifications                        15th June 2007
>Conference                                        15th September 2007
>Organisation Committee
>Dr Sylvia Jaworska
>Dr Pierre Larrivée
>Scientific Committee
>Dr Urszula Clark
>Dr Angela Kershaw
>Dr Pam Moores
>Dr Raquel Medina
>Dr Christina Schaeffner
>Prof Anne Stevens

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
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Office: 5B.401a
Katholieke Universiteit Brussel - Catholic University of Brussels
Vrijheidslaan 17 - B-1081 Brussel - Belgium
T: ++ 32 (0)2-412.42.78
F: ++ 32 (0)2/412.42.00
Office: 4/0/18
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