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[ecrea] Fwd: News Release: International Media Conference-Windsor

Sun Mar 18 09:41:30 GMT 2007

>NEWS RELEASE:  March 16, 2007
>Major International Media Conference Coming To Windsor
>Chomsky, Herman, Goodman, McChesney, Jhally, K'naan (& more) Among
>Internationally Renowned Media Scholars and Journalists to Attend Event
>(See: <>
>20 Years of Propaganda?
>Critical Evidence and Discussion Regarding the 
>Ongoing Relevance of the Herman & Chomsky Propaganda Model
>Internationally renown media scholars and 
>journalists (Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman, Amy 
>Goodman, Sut Jhally, Robert McChesney, Judy 
>Rebick, Antonia Zerbisias, Robert Hackett, Peter 
>Phillips, Robert Jensen, John Downing and many 
>more), and Juno Award winning musical guest 
>K'naan will be coming to Windsor (Canada) for a 
>special media conference May 15-17, 2007 (see 
>brief biographical information below).
>This special conference 20 Years of Propaganda? 
>hosted by the University of Windsor 
>Communication Studies Program, will mark the 
>20th Anniversary of the publishing of the book 
>Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of 
>Mass Communication (Edward Herman and Noam 
>Chomsky, Pantheon, 1988/2001), by critically 
>examining ongoing relevance of the Propaganda 
>Model (Five Filters: ownership, advertising, 
>sources, flak, ideology) as a way of 
>understanding and improving 21st century media and society.
>Conference Chair and University of Windsor 
>Communication Studies Professor, Dr. Paul Boin, 
>states  "I've been overwhelmed by amount of 
>international interest that this event has 
>drawn. The conference is shaping up wonderfully, 
>and will likely be one of the most significant 
>international gatherings that the University of 
>Windsor has ever had." Media scholars hailing 
>from South Africa to Latin America, from Europe 
>to Japan, and throughout the US and Canada will 
>be in attendance. "This conference provides a 
>unique opportunity for some of the foremost 
>media scholars in the world to engage in a 
>critical and multi-disciplinary analysis and 
>debate of our present media system, and to 
>propose solutions for positive media and democratic change."
>While the conference itself has a limited 
>registration (register via 
>approximately 1,000 additional tickets will be 
>made available to the public for the final night 
>(May 17, 2007) of the conference where Noam 
>Chomsky will be speaking and K'nann performing 
>at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts (formerly 
>the Cleary/Chrysler Theatre). For these tickets 
>call the St. Clair/Chrysler Box office: 
>800-387-9181 (local Tel: 519-252-6579) [Tickets 
>for Noam Chomsky are $24.50 (5:00PM, Thur. May 
>17), Tickets for K'naan are $18.50 (8:15PM, 
>Thur. May 17). Conference registrants have these 
>tickets included in their registration fee]
>The Conference Will be Featuring:
>NOAM CHOMSKY: Co-author of Manufacturing 
>Consent; Author of over 30 books; Most cited scholar in world; etc&
>EDWARD HERMAN: Co-author of Manufacturing 
>Consent; The Global Media; Author of Myth of the Liberal Media; etc&.
>AMY GOODMAN: Host of Pacifica Radio's 
>DemocracyNOW!, Author of The Exception to the Rulers; Static etc&
>SUT JHALLY: Founding Director of the Media 
>Education Foundation; Co-Author Social Communication in Advertising; etc&
>ROBERT McCHESNEY: Founding President of Free 
>Press; Author of Rich Media, Poor Democracy; The Problem of The Media etc..
>JUDY REBICK: Founding publisher of; TV 
>Co-Host of Face Off; Author of Imagine Democracy; etc...
>ANTONIA ZERBISIAS: Media Columnist at the 
>Toronto Star, TV Co-Host of Inside Media; etc&
>ROBERT HACKETT: Author of News and Dissent; 
>Co-Author of Remaking Media; The Missing News; Sustaining Democracy; etc&
>SHELDON RAMPTON: Editor of PR Watch; Co-Author 
>of Weapons of Mass Deception; Trust Us, We're Experts; etc&
>PETER PHILLIPS: Founding Director of Project 
>Censored, President of Media Freedom Foundation; Author of Censored 2006 etc..
>ROBERT JENSEN: Author of Writing Dissent; 
>Citizens of Empire; The Heart of Whiteness; etc&
>JOHN DOWNING: Director of the Global Media 
>Research Center; Author of Radical Media; The Media Machine; etc&
>JANET WASCO: Author of Understanding Disney; 
>Television Studies; Co-Author of The Political Economy of Information; etc&
>JAMES WINTER: Author of Democracy's Oxygen; 
>Media Think; Common Cents; Co-Author of The Big Black Book etc&
>ROBIN ANDERSON: Director of Peace and Justice 
>Studies (Fordham); Author of A Century of Media, A Century of War; etc&
>AUGIE FLERAS: Author of Media Communication in 
>Canada; Co-Author of Media and; Author of The Politics of Indigineity; etc&
>OLIVER BOYD-BARRETT: Author of Globalization, 
>Media, and Empire; Co-Editor of The Globalization of News; etc&
>K'NAAN: Juno Award Winning Singer/Songwriter; 
>and Socially Conscious Somalia-Canadian Folk/Rap/Reggae Artist etc&
>& over 30 other scholars/journalists
>For more information contact:
>Dr. Paul D. Boin, Conference 
>Chair  <>
>Chair, Graduate Program in Communication and Social Justice
>Communication Studies Professor , University of 
>Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada   N9B 3P4
>Email: (pboin /at/     Tel: 519-253-3000 ext. 2893

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