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[eccr] EM: CfP -- Pervasive Computing/Ambient Intelligence

Wed Aug 27 16:52:17 GMT 2003


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Call for Papers

Focus Theme: Pervasive Computing/Ambient Intelligence

Dear Colleagues:

EM - Electronic Markets is a leading scientific journal for
advancing the understanding and practice of electronic
markets and commerce (

Guest Editor: Bharat Rao, ITE, Polytechnic University, New York
              Hans-Dieter Zimmermann, University of St.Gallen

Pervasive computing and ambient intelligence have emerged
as an important research area that extends across multiple
scientific disciplines and application domains. Some of
these disciplines include computer science, telecommunications,
information systems, management, information science, and
sociology. Application areas range from organizational
design, knowledge management and business model design
comprising product and service design challenges, to
user-targeted issues like human computer interaction and
the design of superior customer experience. Several firms
and industries are already dealing with the challenges of
integrating pervasive computing and ambient intelligence
philosophies in their strategic and operational activity.

Despite the growing number of research projects that dominate
this area, there are critical challenges going forward.
Firstly, there is a lack of clarity and commonly accepted
terminology across these domains. Second, there is an urgent
need for understanding and assimilating pervasive computing/
ambient intelligence applications that will be critical to
future business success across many industries. The role of
small and large scale systems integration thus emerges as
an important area of activity. Finally, there is a need for
understanding the human, organizational, and business impact
of these technologies. The creation, design and role of
'ambient organizations' - those that exploit ambient
intelligence technologies to create sustainable sources of
future value - is paramount to achieving the long-term vision
and promise of ambient intelligence.

We welcome theoretical as well as empirical perspectives on
these topics from researchers in multiple areas. We invite
researchers from business administration, engineering,
economics, computer science, psychology and related domains,
as well as practitioners and policymakers to submit original
papers on topics in pervasive computing/ ambient intelligence.

Some key themes include, but are not limited to:

- Definitions, scope and evolution of research in pervasive
computing and ambient intelligence

- Wearable computing devices, platforms and their network

- Sensor networks and other distributed computing systems
linked to the real world

- Business applications of intelligent sensor networks

- Impact on specific industries (e.g. finance, construction,
logistics, transportation, and healthcare)

- Context-sensitive and context-aware applications and
business schema

- Business model development based on pervasive computing
and ambient intelligence infrastructure and applications

- Designing and delivering superior customer experience in
a ubiquitous consumption context

- Managerial and organizational impacts of pervasive computing
and ambient intelligence trends

- Economic impacts (on productivity, process improvements,
job quality, etc.)

- Challenges for user-centered product and service design

Each issue of EM is also open to submission of articles
which deal with topics of general interest to the electronic
commerce field. For further information, please visit the
contributors section on our website.

EM accepts papers between 3500 and 6500 words in length.
Please refer to the Contributors Section for our templates
(Cover page and Manuscript Template) to submit your article.

Important Deadlines:

Submission Deadline: 1 June 2004
Acceptance Decision: 6 December 2004
Publication: Early 2005

If you have any questions regarding acceptable topics,
please contact Bharat Rao ((brao /at/ or Hans-Dieter
Zimmermann ((Hans-Dieter.Zimmermann /at/

For questions regarding the journal, the review process,
or to submit your paper, please contact:
(em.editors /at/


Bharat Rao
Hans-Dieter Zimmermann
Beat F. Schmid and
Lucia Pavlikova

EM - Electronic Markets
Editorial Office:

mcm institute for Media and
Communications Management
University of St.Gallen
Blumenbergplatz 9
CH-9000 St.Gallen

Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. Beat F. Schmid
Executive Editor: Lucia Pavlikova

Phone +41 71 224 27 74
Fax   +41 71 224 27 71

email: (em.editors /at/

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