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[Commlist] CFP - Bringing Legacy to Life - Stop Motion animation conference

Sat Nov 21 14:49:49 GMT 2020

*CFP Stop Motion conference – ‘Bringing Legacy to Life’ (w/c 26^th April 2021) *

*Hosted by*

*Animation Research Network Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art*

[*this is intended to be an in-person event but if covid-19 restrictions remain in place it will become an online event]


2020 was a legacy year for animation in Edinburgh – the National Galleries of Modern Art, began to celebrate the 100^th anniversary of the legend, Ray Harryhausen and at Edinburgh College of Art, we celebrated the 30^th anniversary of the animation programme.  Though different in scope and scale, they are connected by a passion for film making, innovation, story-telling and stop motion animation. As we move in to 2021 we reflect on these legacies and how they contribute to our cultural heritage.  Through a two-day conference we will take all things stop motion as its over-arching theme to consider, celebrate and critique this particular form of making.  Possible topics may include (but not limited to):

  * Stop motion auteurs (Harryhausen, Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer)
  * Histories and origins
  * Technology and innovation
  * Behind the scenes and audience interest
  * Craft aesthetics and the hand made.
  * National traditions and trends
  * Pixilation
  * Restoration and archiving artefacts

This event will invite papers and provocations with a mixture of academic researchers, curators and practitioners to enrich this often under-studied aspect of animation practice, with a particular consideration on how new circumstances may affect the future of the very handmade process.  We will invite the most prominent stop motion animators in the country (including alumni) to present as our keynote speakers and panel of experts in the history and development of this key, but often understudied form.

Details for submissions:

1. Interested individuals should submit an abstract of no more than 250 words for 20 minute presentations with the following information:

  * Title and 100 word version of abstract for publication.
  * A biographical statement, up to 100 words, indicating how the
    proposed paper fits into your overall research agenda and experience.
  * A head shot of yourself suitable for publication.
  * Complete contact information, including name, institutional
    affiliation (if any), postal address, e-mail address(es) and
    telephone number(s).

2. Alternatively, panel proposals of 3/4 speakers each are also encouraged. One individual should act as the Chair of the panel and collate abstracts and contact information for all panel members before submission. Please include the following information:

  * Overall panel title/theme
  * Name and contact information for the panel Chair (clearly identified)
  * Titles and abstracts of each paper
  * Contact information for each presenter (mail, email, phone)
  * Biography (100-word) and contact information for each presenter
    (mail, email, phone).
  * Photo of each presenter suitable for publication.

All abstracts will be selected via a blind peer reviewed panel and successful speakers notified by February 2021. Please be aware that spaces for paper presentations are limited. We welcome paper submissions by Postgraduate and early career researchers. Late proposals will not be considered until all other proposals have been read.

Proposals must be submitted as an email attachment, in MS Word or PDF formats to Nichola Dobson at*(n.dobson /at/* <mailto:(n.dobson /at/>**by*Friday  4^th December 2020.*

/Please note that due to combining home working with childcare, my working times will be variable. I will reply when I can./

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