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[Commlist] Workshop Playfulness across Media

Sat Nov 07 12:13:25 GMT 2020

International Research Workshop
Playfulness across Media
School of Film, Media and Performing Arts, UCA
2 to 3 December 2020 | online via Zoom

Wednesday, 2 December 2020 (all times are GMT/UTC+0)

13:00–13:30    Welcome and Introduction
Jan-Noël Thon (University for the Creative Arts)

13:30–14:30    Panel 1: Conceptualizing Playfulness
The Dystopia of Play: Playfulness and the Plague of Optimization
Jesper Juul (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)
Definitions of Playfulness across Disciplines: Prioritizing Engagement
over Realness, Relevance, or Consequence
Leland Masek (Tampere University)

14:30–15:30    Panel 2: Poststructuralist Approaches to Playfulness
Rethinking Play: Play as Anima
Lara Mazurski and Erinç Salor (Amsterdam University College)
Play as Infection: Rethinking Play through the Paradigm of Immunity
Rob Cenci (University for the Creative Arts)

15:30–16:00    Coffee Break

16:00–17:00    Panel 3: Cognitivist Approaches to Playfulness
Cognitive Literary Theory or, Why Play Around?
Ellen Spolsky (Bar-Ilan University)
The Playing Mind
Federico Alvarez Igarzábal (IGPP Freiburg)

17:00–18:00    Panel 4: Playfulness in Serious Contexts
Theoretical Framework for Industrial Gamification: Playfulness in a
Serious Context
Lars Konzack and Anders Højsted (University of Copenhagen)
Transmedia Narratives as Integrative and Social Platforms in Higher
Richard Fejes (ELTE University)

Thursday, 3 December 2020 (all times are GMT/UTC+0)
10:00–11:00    Panel 5: Playful Materialities

“The World Is Your PlayDoh”: Procedural Content Generation, Playfulness,
and Player Agency in Astroneer
Bettina Bodi (University of Nottingham)
Ludic Literacies across Media: Constructionist Approaches to Lego Super
Hanns Christian Schmidt (University of Cologne)

11:00–12:00    Panel 6: Playful Aesthetics

Playful Aesthetics of Death in What Remains of Edith Finch
Stephanie Lotzow (University of Giessen)
Queer Play and Pleasure in the Digital Works of Christine Love and Jess
Daniella Gáti (Brandeis University)

12:00–13:00    Lunch Break

13:00–14:00    Panel 7: Playful Literature
Playful Constraint: Playfulness of the Oulipian Literature
Maxime Godfirnon (University of Liège)
From Victorian Toy Books to Augmented Reality Picture Books: The
Playful Affordances of Children’s Literature
Hanna Järvenpää (University of Jyväskylä)

14:00–15:00    Panel 8: Playful Comics
Playful Paths beyond MAUS: On Manga’s Connective Memory
Jaqueline Berndt (Stockholm University)
Play and Playfulness in the Comics of Lynda Barry
Kieron Brown (University of Siegen)

15:00–15:30    Coffee Break

15:30–16:30    Panel 9: Playful Practices
The Intentional and the Incidental: Serendipity as Play in the Practice
of Animation
Tanaya Vyas (Independent Scholar)
How to WOOF about Art: Building Visual Literacy and Communication Skills
through Play (with Dogs)
Kazz Morohashi (Norwich University of the Arts)

16:30–17:00    Conclusion and Next Steps
Jan-Noël Thon (UCA)

There is no registration fee, but in order to participate, you will need
to register by sending an email to (jan-noel.thon /at/ no later than
30 November 2020. All participants will then receive information about
how to participate via Zoom closer to the workshop date.

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