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[Commlist] CFP: The Industrialization of Creativity and Its Limits Values, Politics and Lifestyles of Contemporary Cultural Economies

Tue Nov 03 21:03:26 GMT 2020

The Industrialization of Creativity and Its Limits
Values, Politics and Lifestyles of Contemporary Cultural Economies

Editors: Kiriya, Ilya, Kompatsiaris, Panos, Mylonas, Yannis (Eds.)

Creativity loosely refers to activities in the visual arts, music, design, film and performance that are primarily intended to produce forms of affect and social meaning. Yet, over the last few decades, creativity has also been explicitly mobilized by governments around the world as a ‘resource’ for achieving economic growth. The creative economy discourse emphasizes individuality, innovation, self-fulfillment, career advancement and the idea of leading exciting lives as remedies to social alienation. This book critically assesses that discourse, and explores how political shifts and new theoretical frameworks are affecting the creative economy in various parts of the world at a time when creative industries are becoming increasingly ‘industrialized.’ Further, it highlights how work inequalities, oligopolistic strategies, competitive logics and unsustainable models are inherent weaknesses of the industrial model of creativity. The interdisciplinary contributions presented here address the operationalization of creative practices in a variety of geographical contexts, ranging from the UK, France and Russia, to Greece, Argentina and Italy, and examine issues concerning art biennials, museums, DIY cultures, technologies, creative writing, copyright laws, ideological formations, craft production and creative co-ops.


1 The Industrialization of Creativity and Its Limits: Introducing
Concepts, Theories, and Themes
Ilya Kiriya, Panos Kompatsiaris, and Yiannis Mylonas

Part I Sustainability: Creative Growth, Labor, and Skills

2 Towards Post-Growth Creative Economies? Building Sustainable
Cultural Production in Argentina Mark Banks and Paula Serafini

3 Creative Workers in Permanent Crisis: Labor in the Croatia’s
Contemporary Arts and Culture Jaka Primorac, Valerija Barada, and Edgar Buršić

4 The Only Place Where One Can Feel Connected
to an International Context and Still Speak Russian: Hybrid
Creative Work in Post-Soviet Contemporary Art Institutions Margarita I. Kuleva

5 Creative Writing Courses Are Useless: Creative Writing
Programs and the Italian Literary System
Cecilia Ghidotti

Part II Ideology: Creative Self-Expression and Aesthetics

6 The Art Biennial’s Dilemma: Political Activism as Spectacle in
Aesthetic Capitalism
Panos Kompatsiaris and Nada Endrissat

7 Creativity in the Service of Economic Recovery and “National
Salvation”: Dispatches from the Greek Crisis Social Factory
Yiannis Mylonas

8 Production of Cultural Policy in Russia: Authority
and Intellectual Leadership
Tatiana Romashko

9 Manifestos of Rupture and Reconciliation: Do-it-Yourself (DiY)
Music Practices, Ethics and the Quest for Authenticity
in the Cultural Industries Evangelos Chrysagis

Part III Industrialization: Creative Markets and Technologies

10 Creative Industries, a Large Ongoing Project, Still Inaccurate
and Always Uncertain Bernard Miège

11 From Craft to Industry: Industrializing the Marginal
Domains of Cultural Industries
Ilya Kiriya

12 Intellectual Property Rights and the Production of Value
in a “Creative Economy”
Vincent Bullich

13 Innovation and Media: Googlization and Limited Creativity
Patrick-Yves Badillo and Dominique Bourgeois

Afterword: Emphasizing the Limits
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