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[Commlist] Retuning the Screen. Sound Methods and the Aural Dimension of Film and Media History conference

Wed Oct 28 22:50:14 GMT 2020

"Retuning the Screen Conference. Sound Methods and the Aural Dimension of Film and Media History" is going online next week from November 2nd -4th 2020. Register on the <> website in order to get the links and password that will enable you to access pre-recorded presentations and to join online discussions

Keynote speeches by Carolyn Birdsall (University of Amsterdam) and Trevor Pinch (Cornell University, New York)

With two keynote addresses, one roundtable, 30 speakers and seven moments of online (sound) discussions, the "Retuning the Screen" conference organised by the Udine University (IT) aims at enhancing the emergence and consolidation of these aurally oriented perspectives, as innovative entry points in film and media theory and history at large. As Jonathan Sterne has argued, to think sonically does not so much imply sound as an exclusive object of interest. Instead, it outlines an alternative path to be pursued through history, a different mapping of the same territory, a distinct epistemological position (Sterne 2003; 2012). Following this approach, we are not interested in exploring the aural “segment” of audiovisual texts (i.e. the soundtrack) for their expressive and artistic significance. Neither we are exclusively concerned with “audio” and technologically mediated sound in itself. Our general objective will be to understand how the theoretical concepts and methods developed to investigate aurality could reframe cinema and visual media as research objects.

Moday November 2nd,
11.30-12.30 (CET Time - Channel 1)
Keynote Address: Why Film and Media Historians should care about Sound Archiving? Learning from Entangled Media Histories.
Carolyn Birdsall (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

15.30 – 16.30 (CET Time- Channel 1)
Sound Discussion #1 Aural Perspectives on Film Theory (Trond Lundemo, Edouard Arnoldy, Marie Rebecchi)

17.00-18.00 (CET Time - Channel 2)
Sound Discussion #2 Performing Voices and Bodies (Ronit Ghosh, Claire Holdsworth, Sara Pinheiro, Christina Lammer)

Tuesday, November 3rd
10.00-11.00 (CET Time - Channel 1)
Roundtable: Keywords for the study of Sound (Elena Mosconi, Massimo Locatelli, Paolo Magaudda)

11.30- 12.30 (CET Time - Channel 2)
Sound Discussion # 3: On Sound Restoration (Sonia Campanini, Daniela Currò, Roberto Calabretto, Federico Savina)

15.30 - 16.30 (CET Time Channel 1)
Sound Discussion #4: Sound Before Sound. Aurality in Early and “Silent” Cinema ( Benoît Turquety, Frank Kessler,Sabine Lenk, Nico De Klerk, Marco Bellano, Alberto Zotti)

17.00-18.00 (CET time Channel 2)
Sound Discussion #5: Sonic and Compositional Strategies in Film Music (Costanza Salvi, Maria Fuchs, Maria Teresa Soldani, Alma Mileto, Armando Ianniello)

Wednesday, November 4th
10.00-11.00 (CET Time- Channel 1)
Sound Discussion #6: In-Sync. Retuning sound and/on screen (Daniel Wiegand, Carla Mereu-Keating, Maurizio Corbella, Alessandro Cecchi, Ilario Meandri)

11.30- 12.30 (CET Time - Channel 2)
Sound Discussion #7:  Analog and Digital Media(sound)scapes (Maud Ceuterick, Arnaud Widendaële, Marta Perrotta, Valerio Sbravatti)

15.30 - 16.30 (CET Time - Channel 1)
Keynote address: Trevor Pinch - In the moog. The story of how  the Synth was Invented and How its Sound Stabilized

18.30 -19.30 (CET Time)
Limina International Film Studies Book Awards

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