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Sat Oct 17 15:10:56 GMT 2020

The University of Tokyo is looking for one "Project Researcher" on sociological research on AI (B'AI), set up within the Institute for AI and Beyond of the University of Tokyo. This institute, established in July 2020, is a collaboration of the University of Tokyo with SoftBank ( ). The researcher's affiliation will be with Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies.
Job details

The project researcher will design and implement various projects about Artifical Intelligence and society, especially gender issues, in collaboration with other members of the project, as well as conduct research on the topic. She/he/they will also be involved in inviting researchers from abroad, updating related webpages, maintaining research collaboration with related researchers in the field and planning online/in-person research meetings and symposia. This is a non-tenure track non-teaching position and, contingent on funding and job performance, is renewable every new school year (in April) for twice (up to three years). Salaries and benefits are commensurate with UTokyo regulations. The starting date is December 1, 2020, or later and requires residence in Tokyo. Note the duties will take place not only during the semesters but also during the periods of summer/winter/spring breaks.


1) Knowledge on digital media/ information society within the framework of media studies/media sociology/science and technology studies, especially on Big Data/AI and society.

2) Deep insight into gender studies and passion for gender justice
3) Teaching and research experience in international settings
4) Fluency in Japanese and English
5) Doctoral degree or equivalent in a relevant field
The position is that of "tokunin kenkyuin" in Japanese. The project researcher is expected to work four days a week, eight hours per day. Standard employment regulations of the University of Tokyo (including holidays and insurance) will apply.
Application method (including where to send documents)
Send the following files (in Word/Excel or PDF) to the email address below

File 1: Cover letter; Contact details for two academic referees; File 2: C.V. in the University of Tokyo format. (Downloadable from File 3: List of research accomplishments; Outline of research to date (up to 500 words); Statement detailing how you may contribute to this research project on AI and society at the University of Tokyo . Write in Japanese and English. Maximum two pages each on A-4 or letter-size paper.
Additional Files: Up to three publications (only in PDF)

Email above application materials to: (at=@)

The deadline for receipt of the materials is November 6, 2020, 1700 (Japan Standard Time). After an initial document screening, selected candidates will be invited for an online (ZOOM) interview.
Any inquiries should be made via email at: (at=@)
University of Tokyo, Institute for AI and Beyond

See also


B’AI Global Forum Project: Research on norms, ethics and praxis for a truly gender equal society and a guarantee of rights for minorities in the AI age

[Japanese project title: AI時代における真のジェンダー平等社会の実現と マイノリティの権利保障のための規範・倫理・実践研究]


The B’AI Global Forum Project searches for effective ways to realize our social goal of creating a gender-equal society and guaranteeing minority rights in the era where AI pervades every aspect of our lives.

Today’s world faces serious challenges, with ever-continuing economic gap and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and gender. In particular, as the forms of communication mediated by digital technologies have become increasingly conspicuous in all realms of society including politics, economy and culture, especially since the spread of COVID-19 in 2020, the economic gap and discriminations are said to be worsening throughout the world.

In order to confront such social challenges, our project questions the fundamental values of modernity that have prioritized the progress of science and technology, and also promotes the intellectual endeavor to understand the formation of the contemporary social institutions and organizational structure.

We plan to do this by collaborating with researchers, practitioners, journalists and other citizens to identify current problems and seek and propose solutions so that the latest technology such as AI may enrich every human life.
Our two goals

Specifically, the B'AI Global Forum focuses on two goals: 1) Critically and self-reflexively examining the relationship between society and digital information technologies including AI
2) Realizing fair and just discourse in the public sphere

The four pillars of the B’AI Global Forum Project

We decided to title our project the “B’AI Global Forum Project.” The “B’” represents our intention to pay attention to the history of discourse and representation before AI, various competing interests behind the development of AI, and the structure beneath AI. In other words, the name of our project shows our goal of conducting a multi-perspective analysis on the history and social structure that produced and enabled modern technologies such as AI.
The B’AI Global Forum Project consists of four themes.
1) Analyze discrimination and violence against women and minorities by the digital information technologies, including AI 2) Design a diverse and inclusive mediascape by the digital information technologies, including AI  3) Create an interdisciplinary global forum where young researchers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and other citizens come together to discuss issues related to AI and society 4) Reconceptualizing ethics for digital information age and practice inclusive education based on those ethics 

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