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[Commlist] Free-to-access dossier on C-19 in European Journal of Cultural Studies

Fri Oct 02 11:02:26 GMT 2020

The /European Journal of Cultural Studies /is pleased to share a free-to-access dossier of critical responses to the covid-19 crisis - available here <>.

The essays are published in /Cultural Commons/, the new short-form section of the /European Journal of Cultural Studies, /which you can read about here <>.

The essays are as follows:

  * *‘We are doing better’: Biopolitical nationalism and the COVID-19
    virus in East Asia***
    /Jeroen de Kloet, Jian Lin, and Yiu Fai Chow /__ __

  * *Clap for carers? From care gratitude to care justice *
    /Helen Wood and Beverley Skeggs /__ __

  * *Television and the undoing of social distancing *
    /Joke Hermes and Annette Hill /__ __

  * *The work of culture and C-19 *
    /Mark Banks /

  * *The haunting figure of the useless academic: Critical thinking in
    coronavirus time *
    /Ghassan Hage /__ __

  * *Pandemic and its metaphors: Sontag revisited in the covid-19 era *
    /David Craig
  * *‘We’re all in this together’: Commodified notions of connection,
    care and community in brand responses to covid-19
    */Francesca Sobande /__ __

  * *Re-enchanting the crisis: reflections on rurality, futurity, and
    /Jilly Boyce Kay /__ __

  * *Live-archiving the crisis: Instagram, cultural studies, and times
    of collapse
    */Annelot Prins /__ __

  * *Future tense: Scandalous thinking during the conjunctural crisis *
    /Alison Hearn and Sarah Banet-Weiser /__ __

  * *Toxic White Masculinity, post-truth politics and the covid-19
    */Jayson Harsin /__ __

  * *‘If the rise of the TikTok dance and e-girl aesthetic has taught us
    anything, it’s that teenage girls rule the internet right now’:
    TikTok celebrity, girls and the Coronavirus crisis *
    /Melanie Kennedy /__

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