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Wed Sep 23 10:14:37 GMT 2020

New Book:
*Grisold, Andrea and Paschal Preston (Eds.) 2020 'Economic Inequality and News Media: Discourse, Power, and Redistribution'.  Oxford University. Press.*

Despite the rediscovery of the inequality topic by economists and other social scientists in recent times, relatively little is known about how economic inequality is mediated to the wider public. That is precisely where this book steps in: it examines how mainstream news media discuss, respond to, and engage with such important trends. The book addresses significant ‘blind spots’ in the two disciplinary areas most related to this book—political economy and media/journalism studies. Firstly, key issues related to economic inequalities tend to be neglected in media and journalism studies field. Secondly, mainstream economics have paid relatively little attention to the evolving scope and role of mediated communication.

Front Matter
1 Introduction
Paschal Preston and Andrea Grisold
2 Trends in Economic Inequality and News Mediascape
Hendrik Theine and Daniel Grabner
3 Inequality, Mediatization, and Critical Takes on Making the News
Paschal Preston
4 Media and Economic Inequality
Andrea Grisold and Hendrik Theine

5 Social Semiotics and Journalistic Discourses on Economics and Inequality
Maria Rieder and Henry Silke
6 Media Coverage of Economic Inequality
Maria Rieder, Henry Silke, and Hendrik Theine
7 Meritocracy, Markets, Social Mobility
Andrea Grisold and Henry Silke
8 Stagnation, Social Tensions, Unfairness
Daniel Grabner, Andrea Grisold, and Hendrik Theine
9 Is This Feasible?
Andrea Grisold, Maria Rieder, and Hendrik Theine
10 News Media and Economic Inequality
Andrea Grisold and Paschal Preston
End Matter.

Economic inequality, media and inequality, redistribution policies, news media and economic affairs, wealth taxes, economic journalism, critical discourse analysis, significant silences, journalism and inequality, discourse and power, transdisciplinary research, meritocracy, mediated public sphere

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