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[Commlist] CFP Journal EPI - Sex, gender, sexuality, & communication

Thu Sep 17 12:03:47 GMT 2020

*Sex, gender, sexuality, & communication*

A Special Issue of /Profesional de la Información(EPI)/

Guest editor:
*Jimmie Manning*, Ph.D.

   Chair and Professor, Communication Studies

/University of Nevada/, Reno


/Profesional de la Información /seeks cutting-edge research studies, theoretical essays, and state-of-the-art critical review articles for a special issue dedicated to sex, gender, sexuality, and communication to be published in Volume 30, Issue 5 (September-October 2021) to be published in the journal. Articles with a pedagogical focus, especially those that elucidate specific concepts, technologies, or processes, will also be considered. This special issue will celebrate methodological and theoretical plurality, with the primary goal being to publish an excellent collection of research and theory that advances thinking about sex, genders, sexualities, and communication.

To that end, the editor will accept manuscripts featuring research using quantitative and/or qualitative social scientific methods; critique-oriented methods such as rhetorical, cultural, or media criticism; and scholarship that is highly creative, especially as it advances theory.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration must clearly advance communicative aspects of one of the following special issue areas:

/Sex/: Research or theorizing that examines sexual communication, ranging from sexual activity to talk about sex to sexual technologies to sex-oriented media studies.

/Genders/: Research or theorizing that examines social and/or cultural notions of identities as they relate to social expectations, performances, transgressions, and/or articulations of masculine and feminine identity. Work that moves beyond masculine/feminine identity is especially welcome, including work that examines transgender and/or gender non-conforming identities.

/Sexualities/: Research or theorizing related to sexual performance, capacities, and feelings. For this special issue, work focused on identity is especially welcomed – including work that adopts intersectional theorizing about sexualities.

Those submitting to the special issue should follow the directions for submission found on the journal website <>

Works will be accepted in both English and Spanish.

Those who are interested in submitting are welcome to contact the guest editor at (jimmiem /at/ <mailto:(jimmiem /at/>

Manuscripts for this special issue should be submitted by May 15, 2021.

Possible topics for the special issue:

Communication on:

  * Sexual talk and interaction in relationships
  * Family interaction about sex, including sex education in the home
* Sexual harassment or harassment based on sexual and/or gender identities
  * New forms of sexual relating, including sexual identity formations
  * Computer-mediated sexualities or behaviors (e.g., sexting, cybersex)
  * Analysis of media texts related to sex, gender, and/or sexualities
  * Gender and sexuality as them relate to health, ranging from
    interactions with healthcare providers to larger cultural discourses
    related to public health
  * Sex education, both formal (e.g., the classroom, religious
    institutions) and informal (e.g., peer talk, partner interaction)
  * Applications of queer theory, including novel applications of queer
    theory to social science research
  * Political movements related to sex, genders, and/or sexualities
  * Feminism, gender gap
  * News discourses and/or journalistic approaches to articulating sex,
    genders, and/or sexualities

A unique team of peer reviewers will be assembled to evaluate submissions to the special issue. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact the guest editor at (jimmiem /at/ <mailto:(jimmiem /at/>

*About the journal*: /Profesional de la Información /is an internationally recognized journal that publishes original research articles on Information and Communication in Spanish and English. It is indexed by Web of Science, Scopus, Inspec, Academic Search, Communication Source, CNKI, etc.

Instructions for authors:

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