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[Commlist] call for manuscripts on Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identity

Wed Sep 09 11:47:22 GMT 2020


*/Communication, Globalization and/*

*/Cultural Identity/*//

*Series Editor: Jan Servaes*

_ <>_

The series explores and complicates the interlinked notions of “local’ and “global,” by integrating global  dependency thinking, world-system theory and local, grassroots, interpretative, participatory theory, and research on social change.*__*

In the current world state, globalization and localization are seen as interlinked processes and this marks /a radical change in thinking about change and development/. It could integrate macro- and micro-theory. It also marks the arising of a new range of problems. One of the central problems is that /the link between the global and the local/ is not always made clear.

The debates in the general field of ‘international and intercultural communication’ have shifted and broadened. They have shifted in the sense that they are now focusing on issues related to ‘global culture,’ ‘local culture,’ ‘(post)modernity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ instead of their previous concern with ‘modernization,’ ‘synchronization’ and ‘cultural imperialism.’ With these ‘new’ discussions, the debates have also shifted from an emphasis on homogeneity towards an /emphasis on differences/.  With this shift towards differences and localities there is also an increased interest in the link between the global and the local and in how the global is perceived in the local.

*Proposal Guidelines:*

  To submit a manuscript for consideration by Lexington Books, please send:

  * a prospectus (see below for details)
  * a detailed table of contents
  * one or two sample chapters
  * your curriculum vitae

 If you are proposing a contributed volume, please include titles, affiliations, and brief resumes for each of the contributors. The prospectus should include:

 1. A description of the book, describing the core themes, arguments,
    issues, goals, and/or topics of the work, what makes it unique, what
    questions it seeks to answer, and why you are qualified to write it.
    (2–5 pages)
 2. A description of your target audience (undergraduate or graduate
    students? scholars? professionals?).
 3. An analysis of competing or similar books (including publishers and
    dates), indicating distinctive and original elements of your project
    that set it apart from these other works.
 4. A list of courses in which your book might be used as a text or
    supplementary text, indicating the course level at which this book
    may be used.
 5. An indication of whether any part of your manuscript has been
    published previously, and if it is a doctoral dissertation, what
    changes you are proposing to prepare it for publication.
 6. The length of the manuscript either as a word count or a page count
    (12-point type on double-spaced 8 1/2" by 11" pages). Will there be
    figures, tables, or other non-text material, and, if so,
    approximately how many? If the text is not complete, please still
    estimate its final length, not including the non-text material.
 7. If the manuscript is not complete, an estimation of when it will be
    finished. Is there a particular date by which you hope the book will
    be published (due to a historical anniversary, conference, etc.?)
 8. The names of four to seven respected scholars in your field with
    whom you have no personal or professional relationship. Include
    their titles, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and/or mailing addresses.
 9. An indication of whether the manuscript is under consideration by
    other publishers.

 ***Please do not send your entire manuscript. An acquisitions editor will contact you to request additional materials. ***


*Please submit to the Series Editor: at (9freenet9 /at/ or (jan.servaes /at/

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