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[Commlist] New book: The "Greek Crisis" in Europe Race, Class and Politics (paperback)

Sat Sep 05 15:52:44 GMT 2020

The "Greek Crisis" in Europe
Race, Class and Politics
by Yiannis Mylonas

Paperback, 259 pages

ISBN: 9781642591934

August 2020

Haymarket Books

The “Greek Crisis” in Europe: Race, Class and Politics, critically
analyses the publicity of the Greek debt crisis, by studying Greek,
Danish and German mainstream media during the crisis’ early years
(2009-2015). Mass media everywhere reproduced a sensualistic “Greek
crisis” spectacle, while iterating neoliberal and occidentalist
ideological myths. Overall, the Greek people were deemed guilty of a
systemic crisis, supposedly enjoying lavish lifestyles at the EU’s
expense. Using concrete examples, this study foregrounds
neo-orientalist, neo-racist and classist stereotypes deployed in the
construction and media coverage of the Greek crisis. These media
practices are connected to the “soft politics” of the crisis, which
produce public consensus over neoliberal reforms such as austerity and
privatizations, and secure debt repayment from democratic


Part of the Studies in Critical Social Sciences series

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