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[Commlist] Call For Paper - Special Issue of İleti-ş-im: Galatasaray University Journal of Communication

Thu Sep 03 21:18:08 GMT 2020

Special Issue of İleti-ş-im: Galatasaray University Journal of Communication

Public diplomacy, which is the intersection field of international relations and communication disciplines, is an important concept that has been included in the political communication literature of the 21st century. The basis of public diplomacy, which is defined as the strategic communication management of a state for foreign peoples, is based on Joseph Nye's “soft power” concept mainly. Historically, cultural diplomacy activities started with the establishment of Alliance Française in 1883, and many communication activities carried out in the First and Second World Wars had the characteristics of public diplomacy activities, although not called as public diplomacy. The transformation of the propagandist communication form of the Cold War era with the new communication technologies of the 90s also has changed the concept of public diplomacy.

The one-way communication form of traditional public diplomacy has become a research-based, planned, and proactive communication method according to the results of the research in today's new public diplomacy. The actors and application areas of New public diplomacy, in which targeted messages are delivered to specific audiences, have diversified. “New public diplomacy is about building relationships with civil societies of other countries and facilitating networks with non-governmental parties inside and outside” (Melissen, 2007: 22). Civil society is one of the most important actors of this new public diplomacy and is an efficient tool for transmitting soft power.

In this new process involving civil society, public diplomacy is interested in areas such as culture, education (exchange programs and language teaching), economy, tourism, faith, health, humanitarian aid, music, and food, and gives its messages on these issues. Citizen diplomacy and digital diplomacy concepts are also among the elements of new public diplomacy.

The subjects, and case studies that will be examined in the context of strategic communication, following the conceptual, philosophical, and applied nature of the new public diplomacy, should be submitted to (asancar /at/ with a minimum of 6000 and a maximum of 9000 words. Articles are written in French, English and, Turkish will be evaluated. No payment from the authors will be expected. Subject headings can also be other than those suggested below.

Suggested Topics

New Public Diplomacy
International Public Relations of States
International Political Communication
National Reputation
International Reputation Management
Cultural Diplomacy
Citizen Diplomacy
Humanitarian Diplomacy
Faith Diplomacy
Health Diplomacy
Tourism Diplomacy
Digital Diplomacy
Science Diplomacy
Gastro-Culinary Diplomacy
Music Diplomacy
Corporate Diplomacy
Environmental Diplomacy
The Role of National Brands in Public Diplomacy
The Role of Turkish TV Series in Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy and Cinema
Public Diplomacy and Television
International News Management in Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy and International Publishing
Opinion Leaders in Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy and Lobbying
Public Diplomacy and International Events
Use of Advertising in Public Diplomacy

Deadline for Acceptance of Full Papers: 15 October 2020
Publication Date of the Special Issue: January 2021

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