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[Commlist] Television & New Media - Special Issue published - 20 scholars' commentaries about media studies

Mon Jul 27 23:00:18 GMT 2020

/Television & New Media/ turns 20 years old this week!  We're so happy to release our anniversary issue on limited-time Open Access, featuring 20 scholars' commentaries about media studies in our turbulent times.

/What's Inside:
"The Media (Studies) of the Pandemic Moment: Introduction to the 20th Anniversary Issue" <> by Jonathan Corpus Ong and Diane Negra

"Data Civics: A Response to the 'Ethical Turn'" <> by Mark Andrejevic

"Mobilizing Media Studies in an Age of Datafication" <> by Lina Dencik

"'Talk to Each Other Like It’s 1995': Mapping Nostalgia for the 1990s in Contemporary Media Culture" <> by Neil Ewen

"Media Studies Futures: Whiteness, Indigeneity, Multi-modality, and a Politics of Possibility" <> by Lisa Henderson

"Sporting Community: Activism and Responsibility in Turbulent Times" <> by Victoria E. Johnson

"What Roseanne Barr Meant to Media Studies" <> by Suzanne Leonard

"Manufacturing Hate 4.0: Can Media Studies Rise to the Challenge?" <> by Sun Sun Lim

"Media Studies and the Pitfalls of Publicity" <> by Alice E. Marwick

"The MAAFiA Mystique" <> by Vicki Mayer

"No Grand Pronouncements Here...: Reflections on Cancel Culture and Digital Media Participation" <> by Eve Ng

"Pursuing 'Wellness': Considerations for Media Studies" <> by Rachel O'Neill

"The Sociological Imagination and Media Studies in Neoliberal Times" <> by Shani Orgad

"Field Mapping: What Is the 'Media' of Media Studies?" <> by Lisa Parks

"Three Challenges for Media Studies in the Age of Platforms" <> by Thomas Poell

"Algorithmic Television in the Age of Large-scale Customization" <> by Stephen Shapiro

"What's New?" <> by Shawn Shimpach

"Vernacular Feminism: Gendered Media Cultures and Historical Perspectives on Postdiscourse" <> by Yvonne Tasker

Celebrate with us on Twitter (@tvnewmedia <>) and Facebook (@TelevisionandNewMedia <>)!
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